SNK Allstar – Witness an ageless battle between good and evil

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SNK Allstar  SNK Allstar is an officially recognized King of Fighters spin-off, bringing together an all-star cast of fighters from KoF, Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade, and the greater SNK universe such as Ukyo Tachibana, Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, etc.

Experience innovative and creative combat mechanics that deviates but pays homage to the original arcade beat-’em-up’s style. Recruit dozens of fighters from eight different styles and over 20 factions before unleashing their might in a clash to behold.


1. Enter the Tournament, Join the Universe
Witness an ageless battle between good and evil as the descendants of the Three Artifact Clans face the forces of the Orochi. Watch as over 70 characters from the SNK universe come together to do battle in the King of Fighters tournament, including such individuals as Ukyo Tachibana from the cast of Samurai Shodown and other legendary heroes from The Last Blade!

2. Log in, Recruit Fighters
Recruit incredible fighters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Yuri Sakazaki, and Mai Shiranui just by logging into the game. These heroes and countless other rewards await within SNK Allstar.

3. Limitless Character Empowerment
Engage in innovative and pulse-pounding real-time combat that will have you chaining devastating combos, marveling at gorgeous effects, before decimating your foes your ultimate moves. There is no upper limit to character empowerment, so prepare to make your already mighty fighters legendary!

4. Expansive Game Modes, Endless Challenges
Play through the campaign, face your foes in resource battles, and capture territory for your club in a game mode that has you sharing a card pool with your foes for balance. Master your tactics to optimize your combat effectiveness and enjoy overcoming endless challenges.

5. Build a Team, Join a Community
Experience countless opportunities to socialize with your fellow players. Challenge your friends to battles, chat with them in real-time, form the strongest teams, and come together to take the King of Fighters tournament by storm.

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SNK Allstar user reviews :

It’s a great game, I like but… The only thing I don’t like it’s the energy, I ran out of energy pretty fast, gold is a little bit easier to get it but energy isn’t. I hope you can improve that, I’ve been playing KOFAS and the capsules are easier to get, I wish you can add something like that. Matches in Arena are automatic, I’d like play by myself. Everything else without complaints.
  • Superprism Technology Co., Ltd
  • We really appreciate your feedback. Our team will always welcome creative and constructive ideas to improve our game and your opinion is of great importance to us. If you have any further input or suggestion about our game, please feel free to contact us. Have a good time!
Okay I have to change my and I have to rate the game even lower in rank the fact that Terry is stuck behind a paywall that is a hundred plus dollars is totallyunfair it’s like you’re stuck with the same characters unless you buy and the coolest character of the franchise is $120 plus that’s a bit asking for too much considering the fact we don’t even have characters that we actually like we can buy with our diamonds wow having in fighting against the same character that’s what makes it boring.
  • Superprism Technology Co., Ltd
  • Thanks for your support and feedback dear. We value all players’ input and we are constantly working on the game improvement. We look forward to bringing you more exciting features.Have a good day!
This game desperately needs an option to skip or turn off tutorials. Your initial experience with this game will be annoying and negative if you dislike tutorials that are childish and remove player choice for an extended or frequent amount of time. If i could change anything(not counting the tutorial thing), I’d let players pick one starting character. As it is, i hated the starting characters and couldn’t dump Kyo and Benimaru fast enough.
  • Superprism Technology Co., Ltd
  • We’ll have a discussion and try to make improvements for what you think inappropriate in the future. Your suggestion is what we need, please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions. Thank you for so much concern.
So I’ll start of by saying I love SNK as a company I Like this it’s fun addictive easy and just a good time it’s really not that hard to get far and get characters you like people complain about pay while I understand and agree most games have the system and we keep buying them so yeah but it’s not that deep in the hand over money thing as other games it’s good so far hope for improvements I see it there they should make Capcom all starts that would be fun Dark stalkers, street fighter etc
  • Superprism Technology Co., Ltd
  • Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Actually we value all player input and we are constantly working on the game improvement. We look forward to bringing you more exciting features. Have a great day!

Last Update :

1. Added Spanish and Portuguese, which can be switched on the login screen.

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