Soccer Manager 2020 – Take a football team to the top

[Game] Soccer Manager 2020

Soccer Manager 2020  Be a top football manager in Soccer Manager 2020 – free Football Management Game!

Take a football team to the top and test your management skills against the best, or help a struggling team fight for glory!

Choose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries around the world, so you’ll have the chance to manage and build your top eleven.

As the football manager, you control all aspects of your club. Football coach duties include planning training sessions, developing your club’s facilities, transfers, squad selection, assigning squad numbers and deciding team tactics. Soccer Manager 2020’s level of control for your football team makes it one of the most immersive football management games!

Matchday has never looked more lifelike than in Soccer Manager 2020! The football games feature realistic 3D graphics, intense competitions and an in-depth game economy. The football manager experience in Soccer Manager 2020 is as close to the real thing as a game can get.

Play Soccer Manager 2020 and lead your team to victory!

Soccer Manager 2020 features:

Football Manager Game
Choose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries.
Build football stadiums and surrounding facilities in stunning 3D animations.
Football coach games where you nurture the talent with the club facility.
Football manager success is rewarded with job offers to further your managerial career.

Football Team Builder
Football superstar trading: decide who to sell and buy using the sophisticated transfer market.
Find football league talents or proven stars.
Coach and take control of your team’s training and get the best out of your players.
Create your dream league, formation and line-up for each game.

Football Games in 3D
Watch football games live in a realistic 3D simulation.
Football coaching: react to your opponent during the game by making live tactical changes.
Analyse your football team’s performance during and after games with in-depth statistics.

Fantasy Football Manager
Your football manager decisions affect the attitude of the board, players and even the fans.
Fantasy football games with a realistic game economy
Football teams and players are generated from our extensive community database.

Be a champ manager today and download Soccer Manager 2020!

Soccer Manager 2020 is translated into 12 different languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

There are many soccer managers in our community who have played all of our football games from Soccer Manager 2015 through to Soccer Manager 2019.

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Soccer Manager 2020 user reviews :

This is a good game. I cant play SM 2021 on my phone so I am still playing this version. I think there is a bug in the auto-pick training screen. Some or most times when a game is on a Monday, the auto-pick training feature doesn’t rest a full day on the Sunday before game day. This results in my players not being 100% rested before a game. It would also be nice if the Fitness column was narrowed and the day of the week columns widened to display the numeric month and day. For instance, instead of just displaying the generic “Mon”, it would display something like “Mon 1/9” for Monday, September 1st. This would also avoid the confusion of which week the training is set for (since it seems you can only set a training schedule on Monday nights or later making it difficult to prepare for games on Mondays).

Not bad. However, I think more roles should be added in. For instance, trequartista for AMC position and anchor man for DMC. Please fix the offside rule too, we need no VAR precision, but we need offside for sure, stats look weird without offside. It feels like a 9-a-side game.

I love this game, I’m only still playing as SM21 isn’t compatible on my phone which sucks. I have a couple issues though: Morale is stupid af, players always seem to want more game time and then morale just goes down. Secondly loans are way too hard to pull off especially trying to loan players from foreign clubs. Usually it tells me they’re happy at the club but they’re transfer listed and morale is in the bin. But overall this game is amazing. Get it

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