Solar Smash – Planet destruction simulator

[Game] Solar Smash

Solar Smash  Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids.

This game contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Player discretion is advised.

Space images credits:
NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
Space Telescope Science Institute

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Solar Smash user reviews :

it is a game for younger people to play because it is really destructive and if you like violent stuff you would like this game like I’m 9 and this game is a 7 so I can play it because I’m over age. Kids could have a lot of fun playing this game and the aim of the game is to destroy planets with different machines and stuff like that. It is really addictive for me and I haven’t destroyed a planet yet so good luck.

I just found this game randomly here, at first I looked up on the reviews (which I always do) and I’m interested. I downloaded and never regretted it, the physics is awesome, graphics is soooo well-made, salute to the designers. It just needs more planets though, maybe add bigger planets such as Jupiter? Neptune, Uranus and other stars? It would be perfect if it happened! I recommend this to everyone, it will erase your stress! Believe me, it’s a perfect one for you!

Overall it has great mechanics with bombs, lasers, UFOs, asteroids and more. I’d recommend the Planet Smash mode as it has better options than Solar Smash mode. Downloaded this on an old tablet, works fine. So I’d recommend it to you depending on who you are. If you are looking to destroy something, get this app. If you are an artist, do the lasers. Oh, Almost forgot! You can do the planet editor and edit climates, like hot or cold, or wet or dry. Or a mix of both. This is good depending on you you are but for me, this is good.

Very good game, hardly any ads. I love being able to destroy the planet with a bunch of different selections of creatures, lasers, asteroids, and even the moon itself. I also love how you can change in the settings how much damage your selected weapon can do. Anybody reading the ratings, I highly suggest this game as it is one of the only GOOD games that let’s you destroy planets!

The game in question is very high quality, with lots of varying options to destroy whichever planet you’ve chosen. with some destruction methods you can change the blast radius, the amount of projectiles, and the explosion force. There are a bunch of different planets you can choose from, each with its own unique surface. The graphics are beautiful, but can be toned down for lag.

This game is absolutely amazing! I’m so immpressed of what you have made, but I have one problem tho. It is just once I take damage on a planet it just dissapears. Everything is good besides the hole because it turns into space. I have no idea why, maybe it is because im using a tablet? Or an error. But what I’d lke you to add is that you can make your own weapon like a star destroyer or Galactis maybe. Anyways this game is wonderful

THE BEST. You do not know how long I’ve been looking for a game like this!! I make fake STORIES about this game where its technically like a war. There are missiles, monsters, asteroids, MOONS CRASHING INTO A GIANT SNOWMAN, anything you could imagine! At least just give this game a try. It is THE BEST.

A fun little game. You could make earth into a donut, as it should be! The solar mode is really lacking tho, felt like tacked on. The planet mode is fine. But it’d be great if you could make the planet underwent more detailed changes as you destroy it. For example : sending in a meteor and the planet’s water surface got affected. Basically more reactions from the planet.

Solar smash is a pleasent game and i love it.we have gone form destorying a planet to destorying A SOLAR SYSTEM????….now that is epic. It have all kinds of weapons to destroy the planets and also everything you need. This is a poor version of Universe Sandbox but still like it. You may not even update the game anymore it’s good as it is. And I like how realistic the planets are. The forcefield can be annoying but awesome. :-). I don’t know who made this but thx you for making this game

The game is really fun to play but I wish there were more items to play with in the game. Like: Diseases, more alien’s, wars. Also the new mode what was added (solar system) still needs alot of work because it’s hard to select the smaller planets. I also think that making your own planets needs to be more personal. Like: Adding your own world population, interior design, layers, as well if the planet has a force field or not. Overall is a pretty good game and fun to play.

Dude, this destruction game is awesome! I really recommend getting this, it will make you feel bad your destroying earth and other planets but I love seeing a giant orbital cannon push out a huge a## laser into a planet and have enough power to explode it, just like the death star in starwars.

Latest Update :

cube planet not unlocking fix
bug fixes

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