Solo Knight – Find your own way to knighthood

[Game] Solo Knight

Solo Knight  Play as a nonstop knight, explore the deepest depths of a vast underground world to find your own way to knighthood!


Solo Knight is an online ARPG designed for the players who love loots & build gameplay. You can farm the golds and items such as equipment and runes in a vast underground world and use them to build your own fighting strategy to defeat the evil monsters in the dark.

Game Features:

There are over 130 pieces of equipment in Solo Knight, each binding a unique skill, you can always change your gears freely, different equipment combinations allow you to experience a variety of fighting styles, it is all on you to build your way to fight!

Equipment skills can be modified by runes. Depending upon the type and number of runes inserted in the equipment, the effects of the primary skill can be modified and strengthened. For instance, with the help of the rune, you can easily modify the number, size, and speed of the projectiles fired from projectile skill, as well as penetrate more enemies at once or split when hitting a target, you can even summon a totem to launch projectiles instead of yourself!

There are 2 passive trees with over 600 perks which form a complex network in Solo Knight, you need to use your limited points to plan your perk and find a route of growth that matches best with your skills and runes!

We understand that your time is valuable, in addition to online rewards, we also calculate your offline rewards based on your online kills, even if you don’t open the game, you’ll still get loots and experience continuously!

In a place far, far away from the kingdom, there is a mysterious place that is isolated from the rest of the world. With no sign of any humans, it is the land of the monsters. Even the bravest people dare not set foot here, except my uncle, a noble knight of the past, who has been searching for his missing companions for years.

The story began on a quiet snowy night, my uncle suddenly returned and eagerly raised a roll of old parchment to me, He told me that he had finally found the whereabouts of his old friends. The parchment is said to come from the great Knight Commander, and it also invites brave people to a mysterious location for a challenge. My uncle believed every word in the parchment.

However, when we finally got to that place, we had to face the monsters that are much stronger than we thought. In a moment of desperation, we stumbled upon the entrance written on the parchment. With a vast underground world came into view, my journey to become a knight began…

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Solo Knight user reviews :

I was having fun playing but suddenly i logged in and all my items were gone. I am at floor 37 completely naked no armor no weapon. Please fix. Made a new account on the same email and tried again, go to floor 70 and lost all my stuff again. Seems like if you exit the game while on the items page it gets rid of everything. Objectively, the game is amazing and ill still play, but this bug is a little annoying.
  • shimmer games
  • Hello, we attach great importance to your feedback, please send your account email to our customer service to check for you,, thank you for your support
I Honestly Like It Alot And Think It Has Great Potential. Dont Listen To Harsh Reviews! Ive Already Spent Several Hours Each Day Playing! Keep Adding Content & Getting It Set For Full Release! Love Games That Allow Such Expansive Skill Trees!
  • shimmer games
  • Thanks for your support, we will try our best to improve the game and provide a better game experience!

Last Update :

1. The maximum number of conflicts for ghost system has been increased to 500
2. Fix abnormal equipment combination after smelting
3. After removing the mana bar, the Magic Protection Armor no longer takes effect
4. Fix the ghost leaving bug
5. Provide hero ghost for the characters affected by the ghost leaving bug
6. Redeem code: C88C0961

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