Space Pinball – Rack up as many points as possible

[Game] Space Pinball

Space Pinball  You know the rules!

Use your flippers to send the ball flying and rack up as many points as possible!
Your goal is to not let the ball get past your flippers and try and last as long as possible. The longer your ball stays in, the more points you can get!

Why you’ll love SpacePinball:

Simple classic design like how we all played back in the day
Straightforward two-button control
Intuitive gameplay
A great time killer whenever you need it!



Space Pinball user reviews :

Visually excellent, sound effects are great, and it’s very nostalgiac. It’s buggy though. Ball glitches and disappears sometimes. If it doesn’t reset the ball automatically you have to close the app. The physics are generally off. Magnet at launch ramp is far too strong and the ramp entrance blocks the ball too much. The hyper chute discharge hits the yellow drop zone even when it’s already down. The mission buttons sometimes don’t register hits. The top-right target bumper is very glitchy.

One of the best pinball games I have ever played and I am in my forties. The only reason I give it stars instead of five is because of the screen size. Space pinball doesn’t fill to screen. Game play view is to small. -* Very hard game is very fun trying to achieve the current goal. Unfortunately it lags which makes it hard to time out when to hit the ball which is most important for this particular pinball game -*. Please fix size and glitches for 5 star performance. Game needs detailed play

This isn’t a bad recreation of Space Cadet at all, my only cons is that sometimes the ball just clips through a certain bumper in the mid-top of the board, and i wish there was an option to turn only the music off (the sound off option turns off the sound effects too, which should not be the only option in my opinion). Other than that, this is fun and brings back memories of playing this on Windows XP Edit: that bumper was fixed and there is now a music-off option that keeps the sounds on. 5star

Love this game I used to play it all the time when I had my business. My husband and I would compete against each other. I looked for this game over the years time to time I’m glad I finally found it. I learned a lot of tricks to playing it it’s really fun to pass the time when you go nothing to do. Thanks for bringing it back

Great to be able to play this on my phone. I have great memories of playing this game for hours. I have only given 3 stars as there are a couple of issues with this version. 1. There are several angles where there is no chance of hitting the ball with the flipper in the original I could use the left and right tilt to avoid this. 2.Accuracy of flippers should be better. 3. The ball loses bounce and speed randomly.

So I love the original game on windows 98 or whatever. This is a pretty good emulation. Biggest two complaints are the bumpers directly over the flippers seem to be too strong and leave the ball unflippable for lengthy periods of time. Secondly; the flipper physics don’t seem to be balanced correctly, it’s nigh impossible to hit the ball backwards with the left side (should be able to hit launce ramp with backside), right flipper almost never hits forward or back, just straight up the table.

The developer did an A+job of nailing the look and overall feel of the pinball game we all know and love. My suggestions for improvement is to have the complete package of sounds since some are missing, as well as the timing for when the ball is launched and goes into a wormhole. I’ve been looking for a recreation like this for years and I’m happy to say this is just what I have been looking for!

It’s a good start, but you really need to remove the mechanic of scores popping up everytime the ball touches something. As you could imagine, in a game where practically everything gives you a score, it’s incredibley distracting having 3 to 4 digit numbers taking up a god portion of the screen. Not to mention, this wasn’t even a mechanic in the original game… get rid of it, it does nothing to help. Try and make it as original as possible, please don’t add your own “flair.”

Azur games! What to say! I am speechless! You bought back my memories which were highly attached with this game!! I was to play this game in my holiday time! When I played this game which is launched by you! I literally cried! I was finding this game only! But no where to be found! So I was just surfing your channel where your all games are there! And found this! I love you for this game and thank you so much! No complaints at all! Because the game is same and the old one! Your rating is ∞

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