Speedway Heroes 2021 – Start now your speedway adventure

[Game] Speedway Heroes 2021

Speedway Heroes 2021  Are you a speedway fan?

Do you like the roar of the engine and side by side competition?

You will be excited when you’ll try Speedway Heroes – fresh speedway game from Simplicity Games, delivered for this ‘black sport’ fans (and not only for them!).

This racing game is the most ambitious approach for bike racing on mobile! Like every sports game from our studio – like Volleyball Challenge, Ski Jump Challenge – is perfectly polished and you could expect the high quality of challenge. Start now your speedway adventure through countries like every speedway-fan should know – Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Australia, Sweden, Russian, and many others soon.

What is waiting for you in our racing game? Dirt track, flat track racing

polished driving model
advanced AI of opponents
realistic competition on tracks
the climate of real speedway races
over 100 stadiums – full of details, in different places of the world
four seasons
day/night mode
upgrading character
upgrading bike
an increasing level of difficulty
dozens of costumes and helmets
dozens of motorcycles
player statistics
chests with surprises after every game
beautiful 3D graphics
online game
SOON – tournaments
SOON – league system

Even if you don’t like speedway but you could appreciate a good racing game – check your skills in Speedway Heroes!
Don’t wait and download now! Dirt track, flat track Race for you.

Speedway Heroes 2021 user reviews :

Fun game, would have been cool to have seen Glen Helen, and Victorvilleon the USA circuit. Thats just me knit picking here lol. I recommend it to play. Go ahead and give her a try. Also I have issues with wat hing ads for more coins and diamonds, after I watch the add, I get ripped off for the bonus. Or the prize boxes dont open after the timer is done.

Well the chests are a bit stingy compared to other games I play. Also when you level up you should be able to open the chest you receive independently of the others you already have. Other games I play give you decent bonuses and a chest to open when you level up

It is really fun just don’t try to do versus online when you get to level six you might want to level up a bit more and then try it

Really good game I highly recommended it’s really fun that turning is good

Love this sport when it’s on TV and I go to it in real life

Gameplay smooth n flows. A good honest fun game

Won’t even play keeps dropping out.looks really interesting.damn shame.

Fun game. Redundant races but cool anyway

This game is repetitive. Please change the track styles.. The controls and graphics are fine. Put some money (not much) into this game to get me going with being able to open chests. It’s great that the new update changed the max waiting time to open chests to 3 minutes. Appreciate that greatly! PLEASE change the track styles. It’s the #1 problem and, honestly, I’m starting to get bored! Hope the developers care about their supporters!

This could be good.. But it leaves you feeling meh.. Really glitchy, you can’t complete the game as it says you need to unlock previous levels. Despite having completed all previous levels! So OK, there’s multi player.. But it isn’t. The players you race against clearly are AI. Very frustrating. Could be so much better

This was a really good game the controls are fine I just don’t understand why it takes 3 hours to unlock a regular box and it cost more to open boxes as you go along that doesn’t make any sense I won’t play this game anymore it takes too long to open a normal boxes what’s the point of playing if I can’t get any more boxes and it takes me 3 hours and keeps increasing

It is fun to play and very entertaining

Love this little gem. Awesome graphics, easy gameplay, good challenge for someone who’s never drifted before. Dirt track racing……..that’s a bonus for me. Not many ads either. Love this game so far.

It’s ok, if you want a challenge DON’T upgrade your bike that might help because as soon as you do you win every race, it’s too easy. Multiplayer is a bit more of a challenge. The tracks are ok, they’re speedway tracks they’ve got to be oval.

Pretty fun game. Any purchase should get rid of ads. I’ve spent like $7.50 but still have ads. The only way to get rid of the ads is to purchase something that basically unlocks everything. Whats the point in playing then?

Game is good, controls work well and has fun graphics. Would be cool to see two track surfaces and a few more bike upgrades and skills. The online multiplayer needs work, seems like you are racing bots and not other players.

Awesome game, a lot of fun, simple, straight to the point, quick reload. I am going to look for more Simplicity games preferably racing games , passed it on to my retired friends they love it too

Good fun game. Recommend it hours of fun. Some more tracks or upgrades or time trials might make it better. But still keeps my interest and a big thumbs up!!

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