Speekoo – Challenges you to learn a NEW language

[App] Speekoo – Learn a new language

Speekoo  Speekoo is the new language learning app that challenges you to learn a NEW language!

We tried to make it 10X faster, 10X more intuitive and 10X more motivating than anything else that exists today. And it’s completely FREE.

6 languages are offered for now: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese. But we plan to add new languages if you like it :)

Each language has more than 20 levels and each level has 12 lessons. To make the whole learning fun, each level is a city and each lesson represents a moment in your virtual travel.

We hope you’ll like it, feel free to tell us what you think !

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Speekoo user reviews :

Love the app! I use the app to learn French and I’m happy about the way the lessons are structured. Each begins with a word them becomes a sentence. One thing that could be improved probably the setting to adjust the sound. The hooray sound when I complete a lesson is much much louder than the audio in the listening, so I have to always adjust my volume. And I wish I could browse the culture cards more easily, like the vocabs, so I don’t need to browse the previous levels to read the cards again

Not a bad option for learning a language. Does need some improvement, at least for chinese. In the first lessons it asks how to say “no I don’t” which can either be “bu shuo”, meaning “I don’t speak” or “wo dong”, meaning “I don’t understand” however it does not indicate which of the two it is referring to. There is even a multiple choice question where two of the three options are “no I don’t” however only one of those is considered correct.

It’s a great app for anyone who just wants to learn how to speak but not write and read, but that’s where hopefully you guys can improve, for languages that uses characters like Japanese or Chinese, please add the characters and not just the way to pronounce it, it will really help with language learning and memorization. Thanks ahead

This is undoubtedly THE best app to learn languages. It takes less than a day to learn basic skills + the ability to create sentences. It takes a very naturalistic approach to learning instead of a passive way like Duolingo, which encourages muscle memory more than actually learning anything = ultimately nonproductive. I can now create various basic sentences in French, Chinese + Japanese with spending just a few hours (less than a day) on each of the courses. Hope Portuguese is added next!

It has an original approach to learning, which, I must admit, seems too simple for higher levels, but so far I remember everything and can actually use it in context(unlike with Duolingo). It is no doubt better than Duolingo in plenty ways, so I’ll keep up and if it’s still as effective at higher levels as it is now, I will update and rate 5 stars.

I love it I’ve wanted to learn Japanese my whole life, which I found hard through duolingo so I quit on it for a while. When I found this app and tried it out, I loved it, cause it kept me interested throughout the whole thing with different facts about the place your learning about. Would definitely recommend

I can say as a professional teacher of Arabic for non-native speakers and from my experience of learning Spanish in real classes, that this app is well designed in terms of the methodology of teaching the second language, you need just patience. 4 stars because the app does not assign the errors (wrong letters) in typing, which is annoying. another bug is when I mistakengly wrote “vever” (for verb BEBER) and the app passed it as a correct answer, same with veve/bebe… etc, really strange!

A very nice app. Though it teaches me japanese in English but that won’t effect my ratings. I just want to request for addition of korean coarse too because this app is very nice for learning vocabulary and making sentences with the help of that vocabulary. It has a great way of teaching and space to revise too in both written and audio way. Best according to me. Please add KOREAN course too. Thank you for such a great app. It’s appearance is also very pretty . KOREAN PLEASE

Works very well, I’ve been learning German with it and it’s a very great way, it really helps you understand it and will always give you a second chance if you mess up instead of having to wait 4 hours if you run out of hearts. *mhm mhm duolingo mhm mhm.* jokes aside I it’s a great app, totally recommend if you have a short attention span.

this app is beautiful and no this is not a paid review! I’ve tried too many apps for learning languages and almost gave up on my wish to learn Japanese. I decided to try Speekoo once and for all and this takes the cake. it’s been two days and I could converse perfectly if I was a tourist in Japan.

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