Spooky Wars – Lead your army of spooky legends to victory

[Game] Spooky Wars – Castle Battle Defense

Spooky Wars

 Spooky Wars is an epic game mixing tower defense (TD) and strategy mechanics with action elements.

Your objective is to lead your army of spooky legends to victory. You build a deck, assemble your troops and build your castle to crush your enemies. Save your troops! Save your castle! Save the Kingdom!

A fast pacing strategy game where you have to think fast! Choose your strategy and clash with your enemies in this exciting war game. Designed for tower defense lovers, but enhanced with a lot of strategy, Spooky Wars is the card battle game you have been looking for.

Collect and upgrade more than 50 cards to strengthen your army and fortify your castle. Join forces with spooky legends like Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf and many more. Arm your castle with powerful weapons from Bombards and Crossbows up to mighty Lasers and Teslas.

Enter the arena and clash with your opponents in epic battles for glory and victory. Build the strongest deck and crush your enemies. On the battlefield, what matters is strategy and action.

The enemy is racing to your castle. Don’t let them destroy your kingdom!


 Collect more than 50 cards to upgrade your spooky troops and castle
Play in 6 different battlegrounds
Play Quests in 3 different game modes
Play with your friends and compete in local and global leaderboards.
Clash with your enemies and become the best player in the world
Gather your army and fight for glory
Command and control your units in battle
Addicting strategy and action gameplay
PvP (Player vs Player combats). Exciting 1 vs 1 battles where the best strategy wins.
Free game: play on your phone and tablet
Strategy duelling gameReady to start? Play this epic card game now for free!Disclaimer
Spooky Wars is a free game but contains optional in-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep it away from your kids.

Spooky Wars user reviews :

Hey developers! Please fix this issue with the game. When sound it turned off, it frequently keeps making ‘phooff’ Noise during battle. Other than that. It’s an alright game. (If you can spend money on it, that is) You won’t be able to come far without paying. And no chance at all in PvP.
  • Impossible Apps
  • Hi Rand, Thanks for reporting. We will fix this issue in the next update.
I love this game so far but it’s really hard that I can’t play anything but campaign mode it keeps telling me that my internet connection is not working if I try the vs. Mode I wanna keep playing but if it doesn’t have other options like the versus mode I probably won’t keep playing.
  • Impossible Apps
  • Hi Lisa, Thanks for the review! Is it still happening? Did it work or do you keep receiving the error message?
This is stupid how has this game just been released but has had 2 if not 4 seasons already? Yes this is the reason for the 1 star as how can people who couldn’t play before today possibly compete with those that did. Oh and I pre-registered for this and am now deleting the day it released as it is stupid that I pre-register but am out at the bottom of a list that shouldn’t exist.
  • Impossible Apps
  • Hi Mark, Sorry for that. The game was in Beta until yesterday, so this is why there are players already in the leaderboards. The season ends in 1 week and it’s going to be refreshed in the first day of the next month. So, you can play it now to gather resources for the next season.

I like the gameplay and characters but lacks much to do. To be fair still new but would like to see alot more aspects in the game be released. Seems to be a fair game for all players thus far. Will update my rating once more things become available in game

Enjoyed the game until today. It’s stuck on uploading all day with no progress. What gives? Stuck on downloading content.
  • Impossible Apps
  • Hi Sinister, Do you mean it’s stuck in the downloading content screen? Could you give us more details? One thing you can try is to uninstall and install the game again.

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