Squirclx Icon Pack – The number of icons is increased bit by bit

[App] Squirclx Icon Pack

Squirclx Icon Pack  This application is totally free!

Please note that this application is perpetually under development. The number of icons is increased bit by bit. Do not hesitate to do a request for the unthemed icons.


Over 2400 icons and news added regularly
Free and unlimited icon request
Wallpapers added regularly
Compatible with more than twenty launcher (see below)
Ability to choose the theme of the application (light, dark, amoled, transparent or auto)
Dynamic calendar icon
Icon shape for unthemed icon

Why are you still here? It’s totally free, try it!

List of compatible launchers:

Action Launcher
LineageOS Launcher
Go Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Holo and Holo ICS Launcher
KitKat Launcher
LG Home
Lucid Launcher
Mini Launcher
Next Launcher
Nova Launcher
Pixel Launcher
S Launcher
Smart Launcher
Smart Launcher Pro
Solo Launcher

This application is also compatible with unicon and some other launchers that support icon packs (Lawnchair, OnePlus, etc.).

Squirclx fully respects your privacy. We do not recover or track your personal data.

Squirclx Icon Pack user reviews :

I needed exactly this – squircle shaped icons for my Samsung & Nova Launcher, and this perfectly delivers. Thank you

I’m just loving this icon pack. Really appreciate your work.

Great Icon Pack! Minimalist Flat so sexy and perfect pair to any minimalist wallpapers. Thank you!

Really simple and versatile. Does the job perfectly

Very disappointing icon pack. Last updated in November 7th. This icon pack doesn’t even have Play Store icon, forget about rest. Doesn’t differentiate with default. No icons for MI browser, YT vanced, YT music, bitwarden, bromite, Firefox fennec fdroid, and many more. Same icons fir default contacts and Google contacts like messages. No option for POCO launcher & kiss launcher. Plus OUTDATED. I hope update improve these issues for 5 stars. I’m not wrong. I can prove my words.
  • Adraxas
  • If the cited icons are not showing, this is a bug. Sorry to hear that. My apologies. Please send an email to squirclx@bastien.dev with all the elements that can help find the bug.

The icon pack is great. However, the icons do not have an shadow/outline at the bottom of the icons, making icons having white background blend in with the app drawer, which makes the affected icons not have the outer squircle shape. Please fix this.

I like that it takes the default icons and turns them squircle, but i would like you to add an option that can transform their shape, from circle, square to teardrop, like google wanted it to be, thanks.

Everything was working fine until the recent update on May 7th,I’m using poco launcher and no matter how many times i try to apply it,it won’t work, then i saw that only a few launchers support Squirclx and other launchers won’t work on this icon pack besides the ones that are shown there.
  • Adraxas
  • Hello, if the last update solved your problem, can you modify your comment? Otherwise, please send a mail to squirclx[at]bastien.dev… Thank you

Fantastic. I really love the variety and style of this pack. The latest update refreshed many icons to their new versions, still a few to go but that’s totally fine. Kudos to everyone working on this app.

The icons are beautiful and really add to my phone set up. The fact that they are free is surprising! However, I had to dock one star because I believe the app is asking for unnecessary permissions for an icon pack.

Nice! add more icons please. This design is smart because it applies to all my icons. so far very nice to keep on my phone. I usually end up deleting packs because im not satisfied how they don’t include all icons.

I like it, does what it says on the tin. However, submitting a request for icons only gives you a zip to download and the support button opens the system share with a “write here” text.
  • Adraxas
  • Hello you need to share the zip file with your mail app. The email will be pre-filled.

Really well done. Beautiful and gorgeous to look at, however some app icons are really outdated by a full year even, such as the YouTube vanced icon the AC market icon. Hope you can keep your icons updated

Impressive database and the squircle shape looks awesome. They even offer different sets of icons per app, which is cool. All in all, highly recommended.
  • Adraxas
  • Hello, I’m glad you like and using Squirclx! Take care of you and your family
Great consistent style, huge number of icons, very regular updates, free. Doesn’t get better than this pack.
  • Adraxas
  • Thank you

Really like the icon pack, but just a small issue: whenever I want to change the icon of an app, it makes the icon smaller than the default.

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