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Command and expand a fleet of spacecraft in Star Conflict Heroes, the sci-fi action RPG!

Explore a vast, story-rich universe, acquire new starships and upgrade their unique abilities.

Battle pirates, aliens and players in thrilling real-time tactical combat!

Assemble a fleet of 32 distinct starships and upgrade them using blueprints, adding rare modules and loot seized in battle.

Control your ships in exciting real-time 4v4 Sci-Fi combat that stays true to the traditions of the genre, allowing you to actively target the enemy with your ship’s special abilities.

Fight rogue pirates, aliens and powerful bosses in Campaign, Portal, Pirate Battles and Boss game modes that demand new tactics for each battle.

Defeat opposing fleets in PvP Arena battles, gain fame in the leaderboards and participate in tournaments to win prizes!

Immerse yourself in a galactic journey to defend humanity in the stellar wars that followed the inexplicable arrival of a mysterious alien threat.

Enjoy spectacular 3D graphics, stunning ship animations and special effects as well as captivating sounds and music.

Your fleet awaits, Commander! Ready your ships, prime your weapons and join the battle that will shape the future of our universe. We are counting on you!

Star Conflict Heroes user reviews :

This game is by far my most favorite mobile game! I simply cant stop playing this mobile version,of the best PC game I’ve ever played! Beautiful ship collections and designs, matched with awesome graphics makes this game stand out! Unexpensive pay to play options are provided also if you want to speed things up a little.
  • Gaijin Distribution KFT
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are very glad that you liked our games
looks pretty, but not much substance – doesn’t take long to blow through the pve content, then you’re left with pvp against people with twice your power/level with premium ships that leave you stunlocked…good for a few hours of gameplay but quickly hit a wall where it takes weeks for incremental upgrades don’t bother buying packs, most of the time you’ll need multiple purchases to unlock a premium ship which isn’t made clear before you purchase constantly resets preferences in settings
  • Gaijin Distribution KFT
  • Hello. We are constantly working on the balance in the pvp arena by making edits and adjustments. The game will be updated on an ongoing basis, both new content and new modes and mechanics will appear.
Awesome addiction thanks amazing details smooth gameplay turn based right with detail and great story definition a true RPG GEM that will become more an gets you to develop battles an craft top game try an you will find it addicted
  • Gaijin Distribution KFT
  • Thank you for your feedback! See you in space!

Still early in the game as of now, but so far I love it especially the movement in the campaign as opposed to other games where you are set on a track line here you can go off the track and explore the game’s beauty of its map. The combat system could be a bit more original but that’s not enough to make me rate it less than 5 stars.

Fun graphics, Lott’s of affordable power ups. Pretty addicted to be fair !!! Lol

Looks good..enjoyable game play and control over special skills..even has an option to watch a video for enough energy to proceed in the campaign..look forward to unlocking the later content and i have no complaints…i recommend it.

In general I love it. It’s not pay to play. I been playing it all day. While it’s not the star conflict from PC it’s a good o guess side game. I look forward to the progress. Of this game and fingers crossed for destroyers like the original

Wow finally a space game that is not a mmo but obuosly you have to put that stamina that ruines all games, even this one

Last Update :

Fixed – the great portal mode and ads in the campaign
Icons on the battle HUD now work properly
Fixed Boremys’ abilities

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