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Star NomadStar Nomad : Now on PC/MAC too!

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Star Nomad is a top-down Role Playing Strategy Sandbox. It was created as a tribute to classic sandbox spacesims of old such as Wing Commander: Privateer 1 & 2, Escape Velocity and Freelancer.

Roam free in a universe rich in story and humor. Be a mercenary for hire, merchant trader, contraband smuggler evading the law or even a pirate making your fortune and fame (infamy) in the Wildlands Sector.

If you enjoy games such as Space Rangers, Space Pirates & Zombies, Transcendence, FTL or the upcoming Star Citizen & other sandbox type games, you may like Star Nomad.


Effortlessly fly your ship with an intuitive one-touch UI.

Take on random missions for the Mercenary & Merchant Guild.

Embark on an epic mature sci-fi noir story-line that respects your choices, offering meaning and different endings.

Trade in luxury foods, isotopes or even flesh dolls and exotic dancers. Highly lucrative & illegal smuggling awaits a brave pilot!

Multiple ships to fly, from agile Fighters to lumbering Carriers or Frigates.

Ships can be upgraded with many modules; Shield Boosters, EMP, Point-Defense, Combat or Support Drones and more!

[IMPORTANT] Startup takes ~24 seconds to load all the assets, in-game transitions are instant. Cyanogenmod not supported.

I’ve endeavored to create a game that’s balanced to play right through without requiring any IAP purchase. Trading and missions (or smuggling & yarrr’ing!) are very rewarding & gameplay is balanced for all the available ships.

There are two consumable IAPs: 1) A bonus Frigate, powerful but cannot use Missiles/Torpedos. 2) A “Credits Cheat”. These are options, Star Nomad was designed without IAPs negatively influencing gameplay. As a bonus, either IAP purchased will also remove the small Banner Ad as a way to show my thanks.

[Please Note: Uninstalling will remove all saved data!]

Happy to receive feedback via email, Reddit (SilverforceG) or twitter @AH_Phan


Navigation Icons are on the edge of the screen, fly towards them to reach Stations or Jump Points.

Keep moving in combat! Even a Fighter can take out a big group!

Upgrade Point-Defense first! Missiles are very dangerous.

It’s easiest to start as a trader, buying food in Caladan and selling it in Al Dhanab or Melfina. Buy a Stiletto Fighter then do missions at the Al Dhanab Guild.

Alternatively, start as a Cargo mission runner. You have nothing to lose, but an adventure to gain by traveling across the sector.

When you are ready, missions with huge fleet fights await in Gemini Guild HQ. The main story also starts in Gemini, visit Erica Price.

Losing a fight and exploding happens often in Star Nomad, but don’t worry! Most modules will be fully replaced by insurance, some modules get refunded for ~85% of their value. Your old ship is refunded for 75% of its value.

Your progress is saved when you: Jump, un-dock at stations, Accept or Complete/Fail a mission. You can resume story missions by talking to the previous NPC.

Missiles fly in the direction of your ship facing if there are no hostiles onscreen.

There IS friendly fire.

There’s an NPC that can reset your Faction standing.

Alternatively, you can go kill a lot of pirates to gain faction rep for Civilian/Confed/Yamada, or vice-versa.

Yes you can smuggle illegal stuff, its highly lucrative but risky.

Don’t ever rage-quit once your ship has just been blown up. Weird things could happen to your savegame!

Star Nomad user reviews :

The game is a lot of fun, but it has huge issues. Foremost is the ad bar – it is absurdly annoying. Second: the IAP to get rid of the ads, which grants a one-time ship. It should unlock it for purchase permanently. A third option of a dollar or so should be added for the ads. Gameplay is solid but the missions are too centralized. Jobs should be available from Detroit, Shanghai, etc. Not just from civilian hubs. I could go on. Give it a shot, but be aware it’s nowhere near perfect.

  • Halfgeek Studios July 2, 2014
  • Ben, I plan to add a lot more extra missions to the hub New Kyoto & Detroit. You can also get rid of the small Banner Ad with the one-time credit purchase, please don’t buy the IAP ship unless you want to. I’ve balanced the end-game around the normal Frigates, in fact they are often superior with twin Torpedo launchers!
I love this game! This game is very cool. It is a perfect throwback to Privateer, Freelancer, and Fusion: Genesis. After about 10 minutes of playing, I purchased the 500k credits plus ad removal. For $2.00 was a no-brainer, this game is worth two bucks! I am going to spend a good chunk of time playing this game! Nice work Dev 😉
  • Halfgeek Studios June 18, 2014
  • Eric, Thank you so much for your wonderful support! This is what its all about for me, making good games that bring enjoyment to others!

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