Starlit Adventures – Help Bo and Kikki the Starlit

[Game] Starlit Adventures

Starlit Adventures Become the greatest Starkeeper in the Upper World!

Help Bo and Kikki the Starlit to find and return the stars that Nuru has stolen from the sky and hid across the Lower Lands! Go on epic adventures that will have you explore fantastic worlds, fight nightmarish enemies, collect dazzling treasures, and solve brain-teasing puzzles using an array of Special Suits!

Starlit Adventures is an original action/adventure-platform, free-to-play game for all ages and specially designed for mobile. You’ll have lots of fun with clever controls, adorable and cute characters, beautiful visuals and a wide range of gameplay mechanics to deliver a valuable and memorable experience.


CONSOLE QUALITY content for a memorable experience!
LOTS OF LEVELS in 8 WORLDS, each one with new challenges!
UNLOCK ALL SUITS with unique special powers and play in different ways!
OTHERWORDLY BOSSES guard the end of each world and will do anything to stop you!
RICH VISUALS, beautiful story and unique characters!
STICKER ALBUM to complete and trade stickers with your friends!
GREAT CONTROLS specially designed for touchscreen!
RANK AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS by collecting all treasures and making insane combos!
VISIT THE INFINITE TOWER and try to go farther than your friends!
OPEN UP CHALLENGES and unlock many more levels!
SYNC your save game progress on any device using a Facebook login!


Starlit Adventures user reviews :

I personally love the design, everything is adorable I loved the Pet and the story line but the different skins/skills, are really expensive, and I think every min when your out of hearts or needs some extra coins they should have a small matching game to try and get it back, if u fail, try again a min later those are my only reasons for the 4 stars:coin shortage and the heart loss. Bye!!

It’s a good game skin’s are little bit expensive and also the bosses are quite easy but hard in the game what about if you add that we can also create game for freinds and more ill rate it 5 stars because like the many level I think they’re are 5-7 levels but it’s still OK the details are really good I like yo open albums and do some challenges they help me get better acpecilly challenges ( LOVE IT ) ad also ( KEEP IT UP ) Thank You

I can’t express how utterly pleased and in-love I am with this game. It’s beautiful and simple. It’s both simple and challenging. Literally the kind of phone game I’ve been wanting for… I don’t know, years! I can’t stop playing it, don’t want to stop playing it. Been ages since I’ve enjoyed something so thoroughly.

Love this game its actually a challenge and really addictive, great levels graphic and cute characters, dosent require money, and no add, my favourite game so far

The game is too funny. I like this gam’s characters SO much because thay are so cute. This game is unique and fully Adventures. Games display is big which is I love it, but it’s not easy to play. No.1Adventure game

This game is amazing but the suits are way to expensive for the amount of tokens you can get each level up.

Such an amazing game,I’ve seen it so many times but I never installed it,until one day I did,and this is VERY AMAZING! Very creative,the story is cute,easy fight with bosses,and the free pass to try the suits when they are nessecary to complete the level is amazing,it gets us to experience them before buying them with the in-game earned tokens,or a real purchase.The game has 8 worlds,with 8 levels in each, so a total of 64 levels.Only please make tokens easier to get.EVERYONE DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Its a great before a long time ago I was playing starlit adventures on my ps4 then I stop playing on my ps4 so selled it and all of my progress on starlit adventures all gone all of my data lost so I starlit adventures in google play and I was suprised so then I quickly installed it and the gameplay same as before like good

It is a awesome game you can have your own character. And a big enemy in every last level

Very cute. Love the variety of suits. I also like that you can play a little bit with the paid for ones for free in challenges or some stages that let you play with them.

I’m absolutely in love with this game! Its amazing in all the right ways. Graphics, game play, holding your interest, controls (even though they take a little getting used to on the phone lol), everything! It reminds me of what I loved about gaming when i first started back in the era of atari…yes I am old… I’m 47 haha… and this is a game I can see never leaving my phone. Its honestly one of the best games out period! Keep up the good work devs please!!

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