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Starlost  Starlost is a top-down space action adventure game, mixing tower defense, bullet hell, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous 3D graphics.

Experience android gaming like never before! Explore the galaxy with Axel and Ceres as you face impossible odds – researching, upgrading and building defenses to survive.

Over 24 types of weapons to build
10 special abilities to research, upgrade and use against the enemy
Over 20 upgrades for your ship! Make it yours as you travel the galaxy.

Combining bullet hell, tower defense and alien invasion in a top-down shooter, Starlost drops the player in an unexplored, hostile galaxy – their only hope: to collect resources and battle their way home.

With stunning, next-gen 3D graphics, amazing sound effects and fully simulated physics, you will not tire of demolishing wave after wave of enemies.

Build your ship how you want – with multiple upgrade paths and turret styles, you can build a run-n-gun ship, or a hulking behemoth – it’s totally up to you.

How to survive the hoard?

You have multiple weapon systems available:
Rocket Launcher: Launch self-propelled packets of explosives directly at your enemies!
Mass Accelerator: A constant hail of anti-swarm projectiles which use almost no ship power.
Rail Gun: A devastating turret which propels tiny chunks of slag to near the speed of light.
Ion Beam: A directional beam of pure energy – passed through magnetised condenser prisms – fry any unlucky enemy caught in its path!
And heaps more!

Dodge, strafe and drift your way through laser fire, torpedoes and missiles as you deploy mines, point defense drones and more. Mine precious minerals from local asteroids and extract resources from piles of space scrap to fuel your hunger for upgrades and extra firepower!

Help Axel get back to Earth!

Stranded after accidentally detonating a dormant quantum weapon, Axel must use his brains and brawn to battle his way back to the center of the galaxy – where his gateway home awaits.

His loyal AI sidekick, Ceres, controls his mothership and base of operations, while he makes extended voyages to mine platinum, gold and other minerals from asteroid belts – using the resources to build better weaponry and devise a way to warp to the next sector.

Axel knows that eventually, he will come face to face with a giant, dark force. These enemies… where do they come from? Who is sending them and why do they want to stop his progress? The mysteries of the galaxy are at the tip of his fingers.

This version is still in Alpha. We are adding more and more features every day.

Planned features:
Full story mode with 17 levels
More bosses with unique abilities and play styles
Many missions to complete and special paths to take
Loot system to upgrade your ship – every playthrough is different
New enemy types and abilities
A superweapon for Ceres
Lots more!

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User Reviews :

Fun game, easy to get into, and easy to get hooked. If you liked Rebel Galaxy you’ll definitely love this game. Graphics are rock solid for a mobile game, plenty of humor, and most important: controls are actually intuitive and easy to learn. Really hope there will be a sequel.

Exceptional game! I’m this she of games that never end and try to continuously leach you of your time and money, this game has a definite plot, and a sense of accomplishment when you beat it. The few adds that are included are non invasive. I found myself buying the ad free license not because I was gaining something amazing, but because I found I wanted to support this developer. I can’t wait for their next game!

Forget everything else, like the insane amount of enemies, or the hardest of parts of the game. I mean I am still stuck on level seven. But none of that really matters. The simple reason I changed my 2 stars to 4 stars is the very excellent and helpful customer support, period. They really shine when and where it truly counts and matters.
  • Hoodwinked Studios
  • Thanks Ray, did you end up moving on from sector 7?

This is a fun game for all the looters and shooters type people out there, the only concern as many have said, alot of the skills and other modules have unclear descriptions and you don’t know what they actually do, theres not enough info to really know what it does unless you spend a good amount of time testing it out, other than the need for better stats information it’s still a great game … good stuff

This game is definitely a grinding game. If you are the type of person that does not like to mine asteroids for hours, dont get this game. I liked this game at the beginning because the grinding was there but the upgrades were cheap. But if you play the game (and dont buy anything) you will have to do a helluva lot of grinding in the later game sections. I have experienced a few glitches such as: not being able to move at times. And ships spawning inside each other. It was an ok game.

all in all I love it, it’s an amazing game. but there’s too little content, I mean we need more sectors and levels. aside from that, description about skills, gadgets, upgrades etc… are too vague and we can’t make heads or tails out of them until we buy them. the price for upgrade is sky high, and our RU mining speed is slow, making it a long and boring process. I hope you can work on Improving these areas. thank you.
  • Hoodwinked Studios
  • Thanks Mohamad

Last Update :

Addressing bugs players have found (seen in reviews):
Collector drones stop moving
Player input stops working
Turrets stop working

Starlost developer :


Video :

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