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Stars and Planets  Take a thrilling ride through space and visit strange new alien star systems such as multiple star systems (from binary to septenary), multiple planetary systems, circumbinary planets and disks, black holes, pulsars and magnetars.

Ever wondered how far from Earth are the stars you see in the night sky? Or how far or close they are to each other? Now you can visualize those distances in 3D with a star map divided into 10 parsec sectors (cubes) or 32.62 light years, for an easier observation. Sector (0,0,0) is our home sector and Sol is the Solar System.


Almost 4.5 million stars, over 4400 exoplanets, 200 circumstellar disks, 38 black holes, 11 magnetars and around 2500 pulsars in the database
Planets are updated daily from multiple sources, without needing to update the app
Stars extracted from SIMBAD from multiple catalogs like the European Space Agency’s Hipparcos mission, the Gliese catalogue and parts of the ASCC – All Sky Compiled Catalogue and the most recent GAIA catalogue
3D representations of all star systems and their orbits (green stars = unknown spectrum)
black holes in binary systems, including the famous Cygnus X-1 and the Great Annihilator (the only binary system with a black hole and a pulsar)
pulsars and pulsar planets – the first type of planet ever discovered beyond our solar system, orbiting the extremely dense core of a massive star that exploded as a supernova. Fewer than 1% of pulsars have been found to host planets.
magnetars, a special and rare type of neutron star
Search for stars, planets, disks, black holes, neutron stars and magnetars by a wide range of parameters: name, type, system type, constellation, catalog, star type (color)
Detailed information for every stellar object

Explore space and get a little closer to our wonderful universe with this awesome astronomy app!
This interactive 3D map is excellent for teachers to use for instruction, and it is a great resource for students to explore the Milky Way galaxy and space as they learn more about the universe we live in.

An internet connection is necessary to access the online stellar database as well as the wiki information. A subset of the database between sectors (-10,-10,-10) and (10,10,10) can be queried offline including planetary and orbit data.

Data imported from various sources including:
The Extrasolar
Planets Encyclopaedia –
Planet Habitability Laboratory –

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Stars and Planets user reviews :

Beautiful! This app has everything that I was looking for, minus general stellar bodies like the other app (Galaxy Map). Would be great to have both of these combined into one app, but as it sits this app is much better. Has a brief tutorial to show you the features, great zooming animation when viewing different planets and stars, and is the most complete collection of known planets and stars I’ve come across so far. (NASA, take notes!)
  • Well you’re in luck, because they are combined into one app! It’s called 3D Galaxy Map PRO. At the moment, it’s one update behind, but as soon as I’m done updating Galaxy Map, I’ll include everything in the PRO app. If new planets are found, or old ones retracted, they will appear in Stars and Planets in less than a day, without updating the app

far Out and Outstandig app. just like a planet finder. and also to Know the Distance of the Stars in the Universe.that are far Away Light yrs.well me Personally. I Enjoy Astronomy . sense I remember.the Star that got my Attention. is Trappist probable that if a plant near in good distance.of gravity.having habitable life. but this will be in near future.there fore we’re God’s Image. CONQUISTADORS.

Great App to explore the universe. Huge database, tons of information, so much fun to use.

Ah thanks and its improve now… Well although making star actual Sizes would make it complicated… Its great and now I see most of the favorate object
  • Check out the new update, I’ve added planets and orbits – the app looks completely changed!

It is amazing app to explore space I can explore earth like planets others star system and many more I like it from myself stars

Spectacular view of our galactic neighborhood, with lots of information and visualizations of weird worlds and curious stellar objects!
  • Thank you, Romain! Glad you like it! The app is looking more and more as how I envisioned it. Hoping to add highlights, favourites, moons and landing on planets this year.
Absolutely in love with this app. Because you can look at exoplanets and stars
  • Glad you like it! Thanks!

Lance Mason, excellent and compelling App, altogether fun and functional as it relates try this app you will thank me as a wondering Cosmological Cosmonaut. 5 Star’s easily

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