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STARSPEAK is a unique astrological tool that helps people recognise their strengths and weaknesses in their current situation, and assists them to discern the most appropriate and beneficial direction to take in order to achieve personal happiness, fulfilment and growth. It is not based on your personal birth date, but uses the power of signs and planets, through synchronicity, to bring you guidance and insights.

STARSPEAK can indicate also the most likely outcome and timing of your affairs. A STARSPEAK reading describes your current situation and provides the potential outcome if the advice is followed. It focuses on now, and how the now moment builds your future.

Before going ahead, sit quietly and set your intention that STARSPEAK will provide the understanding you need right now. Each moment holds a choice. Some moments may seem ordinary and unimportant and yet may hold the very decision that kick starts your journey to success. It may cause you to zoom ahead or to take the slower road. This is the Astrology of the Moment, a timing of choice that can lead to fulfillment.

Key features:

Try all the apps features for 7 days, for free!
Get a simple quick reading, or choose from many charts (money, relationships, personal life, home and family…)
Save your readings to a journal for further reference.
Share your readings by email.

About the author: Lyrane Hill is an Australian astrologer, consulting professionally since 1987 in Melbourne, Victoria. After she had pondered for a few years about the power of the astrological moment, Starspeak downloaded into her mind during the early hours of one magical morning. Visit her website now for readings and articles:

Starspeak Astrology Oracle user reviews :

So far this app is great except that I wish there was a natal (birth) chart included in the provided charts.

I absolutely love and adore this particular app I played with it yesterday and I’m playing with it today and I’m buying it now…. for a small fee

In love this app its meant for me and you to find ourself and the right choice to make .try this out there’s is to much to say I am empress

Its misleading. Astrology is the study of the influence and effects planets, stars and asteroids have on people and the time and date of birth is the essential starting point, along with the place of birth (latitude and longitude of the birthplace). Not putting in ones time or even the date of birth is NOT Astrology! I found 80% of the “chart readings” to be completely inaccurate. The accurate parts could be true for many many people as in a game of chance and not some miraculous divination.

hope is medicine for fears and respect yourself then your can see clearly your vision.

I’m familar with astrology and I am a psychic medium. The app came across like a fake medium going through every letter until someone desperate takes the vague information and trys to make it fit. I feel like the app does the same. I clicked on single and the complete option and the single mentioned about having a female and it didn’t make sense cryptic I can handle but if it makes no sense and it doesn’t have any familiarity to me. So i wouldn’t recommend it

Mosty exciting app I look forward to opening to every day in spare time. It’s always encouraging, informative and direct… Straight to the point, mind you it’s been about 93% on par, for me, in my life, this is.

It took me a couple times to appreciate/understand it, but now I love it! Definitely one of the better, more accurate and relevant astrology reading type apps that ive seen in a long time

I am sooooo happy with this app, I’ve tried several others but they did not resonate with me, this app has been spot on more times than not. Happy camper here!

For me it has always been right on point. I use it when i cant make a decision or just want to know what i should be prepared for in the near future. My husband and 3 daughters also us and love this app.

Awesome App. Easy & Straight forward Information & Guidance. Hi Aspiring2 There is No need to put any details in. Click on CHARTS- Click Ok on START TRIAL PopUp, Then on the Chart Selection It Explains -You Do Not need any details. Believe me i was Skeptic at first, But this App is Scarily Spot on Without Details.

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