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[Game] Starsteel Fantasy – Puzzle Combat

Starsteel Fantasy  Own your destiny in the world of Starsteel Fantasy, an anime-inspired Match-3 RPG.

Create your team of 4 heroes and tactically attack enemies in gem-swapping combat. Complete various puzzles each with various win objectives in strategic turn-based combat. Cast spells and unleash ultimate attacks on dragons, bandits, and even menacing slimes. This adventurous world is yours for the taking, if you’re ready to own it.


Create a 4-person team based on classic RPG classes (Healer, Tank, DPS and Magic)
Strategize your battle strategy with basic attacks, special attacks, and ultimate attacks
Cast status ailments, buffs, and debuffs against your opponents
Match 3, 4, and 5 of the same colored gems to create special blocks allowing you to stack multiple attacks in one turn
Build your own prosperous kingdom, craft powerful weapons and items, and summon legendary heroes in your own town
Recruit a team of heroes to serve as your gladiators in PVP Arena for fantastic prizes
Dispatch your heroes to collect rare resources and and items

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Starsteel Fantasy user reviews :

First impression; I was actually enjoying the game but I ran out of stamina pretty quickly and there aren’t any perks for New players. I can see that it may be grindy but I like that but there are so few material drops early on that its hard for me to get a feel for it. It is also no real way to get new units ( I am alway f2p until I know if I’ll actually play a game or not). Iwill revisit and update my review once I get more play hours in.
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hey there! Thank you for reaching out to us! We do value your opinion and are committed to assure a better experience for our players! Would you be able to send us some more feedback to Thanks for playing, and let us know if you have any questions!
I feel like this could have been a great game, but it’s trying to do too much at once while trying to mimic several games. That said, this is a gacha game designed to make you spend money. You get a single unit after 12 hours, and even the “free” rolls are fragments only. I don’t mind spending a few bucks on a game, but I typically look to a mobile game for about 15 minutes of fun, not 300 dollars to have a team that can actually clear stages. Thanks for trying I guess.
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hello, thank you for this feedback! We appreciate the time and interest in our game and are always interested in new ways to grow and improve it. Please let us know if you should have any additional feedback by sending us a support ticket using the in-game help button.
Have been really enjoying this game but the numerous bugs have been very unpleasant. Arena progress has been reset 4 times back to zero, only response from support was to forward the issue to the game’s developer. Can’t link to social media after starting guest account. Constant disconnects in the middle of combat, despite adequate phone reception, meaning energy is expended but kicked out to login screen. Name of city is changed after login. Would be 5 stars from me if the bugs were addressed.
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hey there! Thank you for reaching out to us and we’re very sorry for the issues you’re having with our game! Please contact us via the in-game form for further assistance. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thanks for playing Starsteel Fantasy!
Definitely not a bad game but not great. Tutorial is very much not concise and drawn out, you get a free rare summon after like… 12(?) hours of waiting after completing the tutorial, the daily login rewards that you’re supposed to get over the course of 30 days doesnt work like it should. Overall this game has much potential and would like to try again after improvements are made.
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hey Vayne! We apologize for this. Please send us your concern at along with the screenshot of the error you receive. This will be handled with utmost priority.
Gameplay is decent from gem matching game. Each color gem does something different for each hero. Developers are REALLY stingy with resources. They obviously want you to pay to progress. Energy is limited but refills decently quickly, but reward drops from dungeons gate you hero/equipment upgrades. I’ve been playing 5 or 6 days now and am stuck at stage 20 because I can’t level heroes and can’t summon any new ones. Summons also give shards, which sucks.
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hey there! Thanks for contacting us and sharing your feedback! You can always send us your suggestions regarding any improvements you’d like to see in future updates via the Help button in-game! We thank you for playing Starsteel Fantasy!

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