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[Theme] Steampunk GO Contacts

Steampunk GO ContactsSteampunk GO Contacts : Gadgets, Gizmos and Machinery.

This is the Steampunk GOContacts Theme. Not much more to say except…

You need GO Contacts Ex to install and use this theme. There are two Go Contacts in the play store. Please be sure to install the Go Contacts EX version – from here:

If Steampunk is your thing take a look at my:
Steampunk GO Launcher theme
Steampunk GO SMS theme
Steampunk GO Keyboard theme
Steampunk GO Locker Theme
Steampunk GO Locker Light theme
Steampunk GO Contacts theme
Steampunk GO Search Widget
Steampunk GO Calendar Widget
Steampunk GO Twitter Widget
Steampunk GO Facebook Widget
Steampunk GO SMS PopUp
Steampunk Go Contacts Widget
Steampunk Message Widget
… and more to come
There’s also a bunch of extra free downloads on my website (, extra wallpapers, docks and icons

Thank you, I hope you like this as much as my others, please rate in the market, it’s really appreciated and makes all the time it takes making these, even more worth it. Thanks – be kind to a dev near you ;)

If there is anything you would like to suggest or comment on for any of my themes, please send me an email – I reply to all emails within a few hours and I’m an insomniac – so it gives me something to read.


Steampunk GO Contacts user reviews :

Love it! I am always looking for new and exciting themes for my phone (Huawei Ascend II) and this one is the best one!

Cool GUI A must for everyone who wants a stylistic phone. Not only does this theme apply to Contacts, it has the same up for download for other GO apps too!

Unique I love this theme as it is very detailed and unique. It’s not a theme that has a pic slapped in the background. It’s also awesome in that it is free! This sets the standards for themes.

Download Steampunk GO Contacts :



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