Steel And Flesh 2 – Capturing more and more territories

[Game] Steel And Flesh 2 – New Lands

Steel And Flesh 2  Steel And Flesh 2: New Lands is a mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy.

You have the opportunity to visit the Middle Ages in 1212, when the Mongol Empire is gaining strength in Asia, and the Crusades are in full swing in the Middle East. At your disposal is a huge map of the world, on which 20 large states are located. You have the right to swear allegiance to any state and soon become its king or create your own, capturing more and more territories. Also, you always have the opportunity to fight with bandits and earn on the sale of trophies. Buying land and creating a business will ensure you a comfortable life. In addition to traveling on a global map, you can always personally take part in the battle with your army, whether it is a battle in an open field or a siege of a city, castle, port or village.

Steel And Flesh 2 user reviews :

You just have a very awesome enjoyable and unique games! But aside it I thought it would be more cool but I think you need to update it I want you to fix these: 1.unlike the steel and flesh (original) I can’t see the lords or the bandits walking when I look in the map. 2.Please fix the way the characters attack and walk cause they look like (GAY) I more like the old one. 3.when I use shield and I attack it won’t automatically cover again so I have to click it again. That’s it THANKS!

I have played this game 1 and a half years and I love it. It is progressing and growing which is good. However there is problems, like commanding the army is probably the biggest problem. They just do not follow orders and sometimes they get stuck in the castles. Fix that and make the orders a little more precise so they can be properly controlled throughout the battles. I can guarantee that this game will grow even faster. Other than that, well done!

Very good game. Thought the world map is a bit strange with the giant tress and small size cities and castle, (hope you try to decrease tree size) i like this game overall. No complaints. But the trouble is during castle offensive, the ‘All order’ is not working properly if you had huge army. I have to use separate to make it work. And the siege weapon’s command has a problem. If you order to attack gate or other, they won’t do it. Especially battering ram. I have to leave them be to attack. Fix

Very great game. for a mobile game I was really impressed with the graphics and gameplay. One thing that I run into with this game though is when you check a castles squad it makes you fight them no matter if they are on your team or not. Sometimes I use this to reset the number of people in the castle so it an’t to bad just wanted to tell you

Amazing mobile game with decent graphics. One thing I would like to be added ; control over my countries warlords. Let’s say I make my own country, I would like to be able to appoint warlords. And maybe a better army control options for the king tab. THANKS great game

This is a great game but unlike the previous one, there’s too much bugs like my siege guns don’t spawn, battering rams doesn’t go on the gate, I can’t control catapults to aim on the gate. Cant buy siege stairs. I have some suggestions such as: You can only buy a specific armor look according to what country are you buying it.Pls add some more tribes and add much narrow but longer rivers because its much faster to travel. I hope that I can see outside of my castle. Rename cities and villages.

I love the game but it really needs an update. You should make an instagram account or Twitter giving us updates on what plans you have on for the game and make the game cost atleast $2-$5 so that we are able to support you! And maybe be able to buy a better gaming engine to make the game look and feel better

I love this game, been playing the first one since last year. You can march along with your army of hundreds of knights. You can simulate being either a lowley bandit, a general, or even a king, managing diplomacy and wars, all for free. Please add the option to walk around our camp and interacting with our soldiers as a way of raising Fighting Spirit. Thank you for this game

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