Steel And Flesh – Europe swept the uprising in the North

[Game] Steel And Flesh

Steel And Flesh  Steel And Flesh – a Mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy.

You find yourself in the middle ages, where 12 big clans are fighting among themselves over land. You open a huge world with oceans, continents and Islands. Europe swept the uprising in the North, wielded by pirates. You can be an ordinary robber fighting with the bandits and attacking the village. Or to swear to any of the clans and participate in large battles with strong opponents. And of course you always have the opportunity to be king of his own clan, the new land grabbing and attaching to itself more and more lords.

Steel And Flesh user reviews :

I can’t tell u how magnificent, how awesome, how close to perfection this game is, all i can say is that u should play it for yourself and find out just how much you would fall in love with it Sure at first it may seem hard and impossible but with a little commitment this game would go from meh to WOAH. Although the game does have its bad side, there are bugs and glitches but of you think about them as how there are ups and downs in life you’ll fall in love with it EVEN MORE

Wow this game is super amazing the war graphics is amazing. In my opinion this is the best medieval action game ever. Oh and for those who said it’s difficult to get money that’s not true Ive been playing this game for a week and I have almost a million coins. It’s really easy when starting off just attack small bandit squads and sell off the spoils. Easy

A good game. But I would like to suggest that you can add a door opening system in castel and towns as to send the foot solders to fight during a seigh . And add Cape or mantel as accessory . and please add blood when hit not only the player but the npc also. And add damage to the surrounding such as damage to the wall when hit by catapult and damage to the npc when trampled by horse plus when the player or the npc hit each other. Plus that we can build a castel or a village, only one for the.

Excellent!! I realy realy love the game,I like it than the steel and flesh 2,but sometimes when I battle with one person sometimes he suddenly teleports beside or behind me and also if I played the game for a couple of minutes it became really laggy,But I still love the game! And also please check my comment on the steel and flesh 2 cuz I love your games and I want you to read my comment there,And please fix the steel and flesh 2!!!!

This was the game that I once used to love more than any other game. Its a type of game that one wants to play. Its super realistic and strategic. But our territories are confiscated within a minute after conquering them and the game leaves us to guess the commands given to the troops. Da hell ? And there has to be a better mean of transportation coz it takes like 5 min just to get past a land that too when we are supposed to defend our territories ALL AROUND THE MAP. Improve and get 5 stars

Ok I love this, u guys added Romans!!!!!! But with the Roman armour there are glitches, u see their arms, and it just looks a little wierd… but other than that there is the battle…during battle I still glitch and it gets kinda slow. Please fix, and I will tell all my friends and family to relate, including me..and make it multiplayer

The game is AMAZING! I’ve always liked games like mount and blade on my phone, and this game dose that! The only two things that I would like the creators to work on is getting new boats, like you do with the horses to move faster, and more options to pick from when you talk to people. Other than that the game is amazing!

Best game medieval ever.I’m playing the old game called flourishing empire theres my some but only 1 came true that added clan u only add roman …but I’m glad u add it but pls add Sparta and Persian for more action…and can u add some cannon in the ship before they fight in melle they will fight in range.

Last Update :

Version 2.2) Changed the save system, added 10 slots for saving. The inventory system has been changed, the inventory is divided into types of things. Elite Chinese and Mongolian troops added. Replaced all the troops of the Ottoman Empire. Choosing a character at the start of the game and getting inventory and skills, depending on the choice. Added 43 suits, 32 helmets, 19 pairs of boots, 6 shields, 39 weapons and 2 horses. Bugs fixed.

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