Stellacept Online – Become strong by developing and evolving your Stella

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Stellacept Online  What is the free-to-play RPG Stellacept Online

Stellacept Online is a beautiful game in which you can inflict
devastating combos by taping your screen at the right moment,
or unleash a terrible power with the Burst Points earned by beating enemies.
Chat in real time with other players to cooperate and to help each other!.
Play as a soldier who fights against the terrific Tarazed to save the people of Sadalsuud.
Become strong by developing and evolving your Stella.

About transferring characters between Android devices
Google IDs (Google Accounts) are used to verify the Android versions of Stellacept Online.
Setting up with a Google Account can restore your account data in the following cases:
Synchronizing with a new device.
After having reinitialized your device, or after a breakdown.

Destroy your enemies with breathtaking combos and skills!
An intuitive battle system with an innovative combo system which provides a lot of freedom of action.
Tap your screen at the right moment to trigger the special skills!

Anyone can experience exhilarating moments thanks to the Burst System!
Unleash a phenomenal power by using the Burst Points collected by defeating enemies and beat the mightiest monsters!

Please note
This game is to be used online.
Loading times may vary depending on the device used.
The game may not be available depending on certain circumstances (eg: customer’s network failure, emergency maintenances).
We please you to behave correctly and to not annoy other players while playing.
Latencies and disconnections may happen in crowded maps.
Please try the game for free to check its
compatibility with your equipment.
If your device gets hot while playing, quit the game
and check your configurations before resuming.
We cannot provide support in case of using application which the manufacture does not guarantee operating, including rooting/jailbreaking apps.

Stellacept Online, the free-to-play SF/fantasy MMORPG with a stunning and kicky gameplay!

Stellacept Online user reviews :

I like the idea of making your own armor and weapons because it is rarely found in mobile games.. the problem I have with this game is that there are lots of unnecessary buttons on the screen and it’s annoying… The camera is so bad when my character moves in narrow areas

A really awesome game but there’s just too many cheaters and hackers if only you guys can prevent this players by ruining the game

Describe my experience? Hmmm I F#:)ng love this game, and like another comment reminds them of PSO and yes it is I played PSO for Dreamcast Xbox and Xbox one and love the franchise, also played the jp mobile version and it was horrible, I see this game and realize this is what PSO was supposed to be on mobile, I hope more come back and new people come too. Awesome job asibimo

I used to play this game a lot of a different device and loved it, but now I can’t get pass the character screen and everytime I try to type it keep saying name can’t have the same letters. I haven’t even typed anything yet! Plz fix this

Unfortunately, this game is dead. I found and fell in love with this game too late, since there is literally zero player base it makes it pointless to persist. Literally one of the best mobile mmos I’ve played. The concept and graphics were great.

I played this game 5 years ago It was sensational that day.. a lot of players across the maps.. thrilling new map/boss ..But that times were gone now. I’m glad that I playes this game long ago

this game already death. but until now this is only one game have great feature like pc games mmorpg. i miss my old moment with my guild friend.

Hi, Asobimo I have some problems. The game itself is really good but there are some bugs. Whenever I open my storage it just crashes. That’s all ty.

I love the graphic and the theme about space thing. First time I start I have to close the app when it was in the tutorial, and the next login I can’t continue my tutorial and I make a new char. When I play my second char, I got in the game and close it again. Login again and I got annoying bug. The player’s and the other NPC’s faces were covered by their hair. Just what’s going with this game. If you can fix the bugs, maybe all people will love this game

Might see this alot, but this MMO really reminded me of “Phantasy Star Online”. It has it own thing, but you can feel the PSO vibes! Since i don’t own an Xbox, I’ll be playing this game as a stand in for PSO2. Besides all that, the game is really fun from what I been playing so far. Great combat and fanatic community! Keep up the good work, developers.

The best game of any other game made by stellacept for me. Just because there are too many bugs after the big update, the dev decided to trash this game. So sad.

I have little to no clue what I’m doing in this game, but it is fun to beat things up. I haven’t necessarily ran into any difficulty spikes, but I have definitely indulged hours into just fighting things that i have no idea how to scale their strength. If you actually dedicate yourself to figuring everything out, I am absolutely positive you will enjoy this blast of a game.

Firstly for those who dont know what an mmorpg is its a massive multiplayer online role playing game. The nessacary requirements for that may seem like an invasion of privacy but they arent. Its literally like that so the game can help u play with others. Withoit those permisions u wouldnt be able to pkay with others at all. On mobile the permisions are different from pc they jave to be more thurough than normal to prevent hacking of their systems as well as to keep your acount safe. Thats all.

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