Stickman vs Zombies – Shoot all the zombies

[Game] Stickman vs Zombies

Stickman vs Zombies  Previously known as Stickman Zombie Shooter, the game has been rebranded to better describe its features.


Epic stickman fights and massive zombie attacks!
Awesome Parkour moves: you can climb platforms and hang on high places!
Incredible melee fighting combos!
Many platformer levels and a lot of waves to defeat!
Many weapons and strategies to shoot all the zombies!
Survive the apocalypse!

Save your progress online.
Reach the top of the online leaderboards!
You can play it offline too!
Simple controls and hardcore gameplay!
Good performance on any device.

Stickman vs Zombies user reviews :

Its awsome!other people should enjoy this game as much as I do. It is action packed full of adventers and like other games but better yes they could inprove the game to be better but for now they should really just stop with the ads when you die. And should probably add more levels and I kinda like what they did with the world map and the other map. I already killed the forst boss you face when you plaay and it already ggave me a mission to kill three zombie boss’s. That is all I want to say now

Great game, unfortunately randomly it closes down when I open it for days, then randomly works again. My 4 yr old loves the game, and I was hoping to share the love with the game, but it won’t work on my phone or my wife’s, both are a note 10+

This game is so fun but the sewer boss is so hard I’m going to lie down and write it right now while I’m writing this thing I don’t like about the game is that if you delete it and wish you would not save your stuff because that’s what I wish I was actually just downloaded it now wait I think it’s scanning you I want to sue this app store for kicking me out my phone’s only I don’t know because I can’t read are there any kid I’m only eight I give this game a 8 out of 10

Very nice try something about this game you should try it now right now is very cool everything about the graphics the moves are even better than any game ever seen it right now if you want to be a part of this game downloading now and you’ll see all the action

This game is simply addictive, i can’t stop playing it. I like the smoothness and responsiveness of the control.It is really a good game to download

Love this game thank you so much for fixing the revive cuz when I used to revive I watched an ad then I died right on rspawn but there is a problem when a group of zombies come up to me get stuck then I can’t move unless I throw a gurnade and hope to survive or I can just let the zombies kill me which I don’t wanna do so please do something about this.

I love this game there are many levels but there are many ads so I can’t play this game very well but it is a good game and many zombies woooooooooo

Op time pass game but.. some bugs are there specially, ‘Ad Video not loding’ Bug even you have a good and stable net and Game always crashers after playing about 20 minutes. If Dev’s are going to fix it then this game deserves 5 star as its size and entertainment.

The game feels very slippery and awkward to control. The button placement for the action buttons also feels awkward, but other than those two things, it is a solid game.

IT us really good first place i like that when we upgrade things they change and second the jetoackpack and the money boxes but i will like that the creator of the game would put that when we go really up with the jetpack there was a space and the moon , and even galactic zombis.

and because the zombies and weapons are super cool and all the cool stunts that I figured out like hanging on hangers and I love the haunted house and I love these mega zombies like everything is amazing I really love this game I hope it never ends and I hope it has some really cool updates because this game is amazing and also I love when you have the same people and they give you money and like at the end when you have to run away from all these to zombies and I never fail that and it’s cool

It’s really very good and this update just is radical. But I rate 4 stars because it’s graphics are not so nice that’s just it.

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