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Stopwatch Timer Original  Speedy life and tight schedule accompany us every day.

That’s why the every second is precious. Stopwatch Timer Original unites the most useful features to countdown the time.


Simple and accurate timer alarm! These are the most relevant qualities of the stopwatch and timer app free. You don’t need to search for an interval timer only or a stopwatch for study separately. Our comfortable countdown timer will help you in any situations. Use interval 2 in 1 stopwatch and timer for exercise, brushing your teeth, workout, to wake up or any other activity that requires to be timed. We guarantee this digital timer and stopwatch will make your life easier!


Stopwatch app mode :

Start and turn the timer off by pressing the button. The timer interval can be measured and recorded an unlimited number of times. Results display the intervals up to milliseconds and save all the information for you. Timer repeat is also possible in order to mark off the proper space of time more than once. If you need a really usable countdown timer download this Stopwatch Timer app to realize that no other timer widgets can compare with this astonishing count up timer!

Timer app mode :

Classic input method is fast and easy. Do seconds matter? Then set the 1 second precision for the timer to countdown. Convenient buttons to start and repeat timer make it perfect for doing a timed exercise or any other similar situation.
Slide the screen to switch between timer stopwatch modes.


one of the best stopwatch free apps with concise design
appropriate stopwatch for kids and adults always at hand
never let you down when you need timer countdown without delay
new awesome skins and themes are coming SOON!
sounds and alerts option (to be added soon)

If the sport is your cup of tea then choose this training timer! Boxing, jogging, jumping etc the timer makes your training proper and effective. Download Stopwatch Timer Original now and watch for updates! Something interesting is going to come…

Stopwatch Timer Original user reviews :

it was great after installing, working perfectly, however upon my second use – it just stopped sounding the alarm – which is pointless for me at this stage. Why using timer if I don’t know when the time is up? – P.S I did checked the volume on and off – nothing helped, and my sound on my device works perfectly with any other app. Just this one is mute for some reason. Update – I have deleted the app shortly after – the screenshot won’t show you the problem – issue is with the sound / lack of it
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. Could you please send us some screens or videos with this bug to make it easier for us to understand and solve your problem? Stay tuned!
A timer like this is one I’ve needed for the longest time, my old phone couldn’t have one. I use this to time myself for workouts and resting between exercises. Racing or timing how much I do specific things. Unknown to most a stopwatch timer can be one of the most useful tools in your life.
  • Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback. We are very pleased you use our app with pleasure!
Amazing. Really easy to download, uses little storage and it super straight forward to use.
  • Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback. We are very pleased you use our app with pleasure!
Overall good! But can be way better by adding more features, like counting how many intervals repeated per time use and other features.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We will consider your comment when creating new updates. Stay with us!
I love this app because when I’ve got no battery when I put it on charge completely that it puts music on and my phone is fully charged
  • Hello, we are very pleased to receive your feedback, we will try to improve our application!
I almost never leave reviews but this deserves a review I put it as a 4 star review because sometimes it doesn’t play the alarm but it usually happens 1 in 15 times so this is a good app I recommend downloading it is very helpful and u can use it for exercising and stuff like that!This is app overall this app is one of the best apps I’ve ever used I recommend
  • Hello, please tell us more at[at], what could we improve in the game? Your comments are very important to us!
This is so cool oh my god i love it i tried to make slime and i need timer because I’m gonna put it on to the freezer the slime so i use this app and its so amazing thank you and God bless
  • Hello. Thanks for the feedback. Your feedback is very important to us!
I love this app because it let me know that I can walk a mile in 15 minutes and still trying to run a mile in 5 minutes flat just not quite there yet I’m still running about an 7.15 minutes to go a mile
  • Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback. We are very pleased you use our app with pleasure!

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