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Strange ClocksStrange Clocks is a set of Home Screen Widgets, each of which calculate and display time in an unusual way:

1. Binary Clock – Displays the time in Binary, by converting H:M:S into “Binary” values. (3×3 Widget)
2. Decimal/Metric Clock – Displays the time using a Decimal clock – the day is split into 10 hours, which have 100 minutes. Each Centiminute has 100 seconds. (3×1 Widget)
3. Hexadecimal Clock – displays the time in Hex (base-16) format. (3×1 Widget)
4. Octal Clock – Displays the time in Octal (base-8) format. (3×1 Widget
5. Percent Clock – Displays the percentage of the day passed. (3×1 Widget)
6. Reverse Percent Clock – Displays the percentage of the day left. (3×1 Widget)
7. Backwards Analog – A standard Analog clock, in reverse. (3×3 Widget)
8. Word Clock – Displays the time in words (3×3 Widget)
9. Angle Clock – Displays the time as an angle value in Radians – i.e. the angle each hand would be on a standard Analog clock (3×3 Widget)

Strange Clocks NOTE: AS of v1.0.1, the SECONDS MODE should be fixed for all Launchers.

This is the FREE version of Strange Clocks. It is fully functional, but limited to the Blue LCD and White text. For the full range of LCD Colours (Blue, Green, Red, Dark Green) and Text and Foreground colours (White, Green, Black).

If you like Strange Clocks, please consider buying me a cup of Tea, by upgrading to the Donate version. Thanks!

Donate version:

Simply select a Widget to display on the home screen.

1. Click Home
2. Click “Menu”
3. Select “Add”
4. Select Widgets
5. Scroll down the list and select one of the Strange Clocks Widgets

NOTE: By default, the widgets will run in “Seconds Mode”, meaning they update every second. They can also run in “Minute Mode”. To do so, open the Strange Clocks app from the Application Drawer, and click the Preferences button, then un-tick the “Update Seconds” option.


Network communication – used solely for retrieving the Ads on the Information page

Phone calls – to detect when the ‘phone is being used for a call, so that clock can pause.

System tools – Two things. i) to detect when an application is running, and pause the clock if one is running. ii) To detect if the ‘phone is on the Home Screen – clock only runs when the Home Screen is active.

User Reviews:

great idea! i’d buy a pro version if you make it 3×2!

I like this app! However, when you set the preferences to “Update every second?” checkmarked, it doesn’t actually reflect/change the clock animation every second. It just updates every 15-ish seconds (whether it is on or off). Is this a bug or is it just a hardware limitation? Thanks! UPDATE: The developer updated the app in regards to my review (because the “seconds” tick NOW updates the refresh rate every second (or un-tick to refresh it every minute), so 5 stars now! =-D Good job, devs!

Since installing this, I have used the percentage clock, which gives a really interesting twist on time. Great app, would definitely recommend!!

This application has access to the following:

Network communication

full Internet access
Allows the app to create network sockets.

Phone calls

read phone state and identity
Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. An app with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.

System tools

retrieve running apps
Allows the app to retrieve information about currently and recently running tasks. Malicious apps may discover private information about other apps.

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