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Stress CheckStress Check is the most innovative tool available for quantifying your level of psychological or physical stress.

By measuring your heart rate through the camera and light features on your Android, Stress Check can estimate your level of stress in real time.
Using Stress Check by Azumio you will be able to:
-Quantify your level of stress
-Determine the effects of different stressors
-Control stress and observe progress
-Reduce chances of certain chronic diseases known to be correlated with stress
Everyone has experienced changes in heart rate before taking an exam, giving a public speech, or when exercising. In fact, not only does your heart rate increase, but the time variations between consecutive heart beats become more random and scattered as well. By analyzing this factor of heart rate variability (HRV), it is possible to estimate your level of stress wherever you are, with no additional hardware.
Analysis of HRV requires heart pulse data to be measured continuously for a certain period of time. The more you use Stress Check, the better the app gets to know you and your heart.
Algorithms used to analyze HRV follow recommendations of European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE).
If you consistently observe high levels of stress we recommend using Azumio’s stress relief application, Stress Doctor: a biofeedback app that uses deep a breathing technique for stress reduction.

Stress Check utilizes a method of quantitative stress level assessment developed by Biocom Technologies, a well-known developer of various professional health assessment technologies.

Stress Check User Reviews:

Love what it does. Yes, the LED gets a little hot, but it isn’t unbearable. The picture of what the camera is seeing is also cool. You can see what’s actually happening. Could it be possible to add that feature to your other applications?

Stress Check app works very well for me despite being skeptical like many others. I am surprised by its accuracy. When I’m high strung, it knows and when I meditate , it knows I’m not stressed. Great app for learning to relax. Highly recommend! Thanks Dev!

Works very well. Flash does not get hot on my G2. Seems accurate everytime I use the app. I test 3 times a day to try and modify my behavior so I’m not so stressed all the time. Great little app, great idea, 5 stars. I only wish it would cache the data to your sim card. Maybe a pro version? Please!

Because I can feel my finger heating up way before the 2 minute mark! Feels like i’m slowly roasting my finger over a small fire. On another app using the same measuring method (finger in camera), i can barely make it past the 10 second mark without being squirmish! Otherwise, app works on Samsung Galaxy Nexus :-)

I can monitor my stress levels when feeling life’s pressures. When my level is raised I meditate for 5 minutes and take it again and its very low again. Application has become a daily assessment. Very good application and easy to use.

Those of u who say its not working because ur chillin out and relaxed but Stress Check gives a high stress level, u must understand that stress is not only related to how u feel inside. Nor does it only relate to heart rate. I promise u can be stressed without feeling that u are. I know because I am. No this is not 100% accurate but. It can help u realize u are stressed when ur not and help u learn if u need to relax. It really works well for me but not every time

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