Stronghold Kingdoms – Expand your medieval empire and construct mighty castles

[Game] Stronghold Kingdoms – Feudal Warfare

Stronghold Kingdoms  From the Creators of Stronghold

Grand Strategy MMO
Free to Play
5 Million Players

Become Lord of the Middle Ages in Firefly Studios’ Stronghold Kingdoms! Expand your medieval empire and construct mighty castles to protect it. Farm peacefully, engage in political mind games, seek vengeance on sworn enemies and lead your faction to glory across a medieval kingdom. Besiege other players, battle AI opponents, research new technology, forge alliances and fight for the eternal glory of your House.


BUILD an online stronghold and protect it with impenetrable castle defences.
RULE the Middle Ages and wage war across England, Europe or the world!
BESIEGE enemies, trade with factions and explore a medieval world filled with thousands of other players.
RESEARCH new technology and become a trader, farmer, crusader, diplomat or warlord.
LEAD your faction to victory and forge alliances, becoming the elected leader in a player-controlled political RTS.
PLAY FOR FREE on your Android phone or tablet, with frequent updates and cross-platform multiplayer.


More challenging than Supercell’s megahit – Touch Arcade

A world map that’s constantly shifting and adapting – Pocket Gamer


Stronghold Kingdoms is the MMO successor to the Stronghold castle building series, most famous for the original Stronghold (2001) and Stronghold: Crusader (2002). Unlike the original and Crusader, Kingdoms allows players to relive the Middle Ages in the world’s first castle MMO. A cross-platform strategy game, Kingdoms invites mobile and desktop players to battle together online by thrusting the Middle Ages and famous Stronghold characters into a persistent MMO world. Besiege the castle that’s never been taken, overthrow ruthless tyrants, bankroll your faction’s war effort, pillage your neighbour’s resources, peacefully raise cattle or do it all!

Only by engaging enemy troops, taking back villages from The Wolf and winning votes in the political arena can players hope to succeed. Stronghold Kingdoms is set in a fast-paced, challenging game world designed for large numbers of players working together in pursuit of a common goal.


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We designed Stronghold Kingdoms to be the first fully fledged PvP (player versus player) strategy MMO RTS for mobile devices. As a developer we’re best known for the core Stronghold series, which sees you besiege friends and war against AI opponents like The Wolf. With Kingdoms we’re taking Stronghold online, giving players an immersive medieval game world populated by real players, war and political strife. Firefly is a small independent developer with a lot of respect for our players, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on Kingdoms! Please try the game out for yourself (it’s free to play) and send us a message using one of the community links above.

Thanks for playing from everyone at Firefly Studios!

Please Note: Stronghold Kingdoms is a free to play MMO RTS, however players are able to purchase game items using real money via in-app purchases. If you don’t wish to use this feature you can add authentication for in-app purchases on your Android device and enjoy a completely free to play experience. Stronghold Kingdoms also requires a network connection to play.

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Stronghold Kingdoms user reviews :

Strong mechanics and a lot to enjoy here…what holds it back is the pitiful amount of progress you make without spending actual money IRL. But there’s still more than enough to enjoy just understand that your progress will slow to a crawl sometimes especially in the early game. All in all a good recommendation with minor flaws.

Been playing phone version for a few years, started on PC years ago. Still lots of issues with botters, and cheats, but this is common in most games. They have made some progress combating this issue, overall great game.
  • Firefly Studios
  • Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on fixes for some of the things you mention so keep an eye out for new updates coming soon. If you are stuck on anything specific please contact us at

Great that this has come to mobile but here are bugs I’ve noticed. No matter how much ale you produce, it’ll say you have 0. As a steward, you cannot upgrade the buildings in the parish. Research screen says you have no token in play when you do. Moving the view by sliding your finger will also select things if you slide over it. Apart from that, great stuff!

A great potential !!! Still in beta but im all in!… i just started 2 days ago so i have not yet seen it all and still understanding the whole concept.. farming, gathering, marching are all quite slow. Make me bored to wait more then 8hrs to manage to log in with a good amount of rss to start building.

I used to play the pc version but didnt have time to always check on my villages. This is getting me back to my favorite long term rts

Last Update  :

Fixed an issue that allowed donations to be sent to Capital Buildings while they were upgrading
Parish Castles now no longer incorrectly display that they are not enclosed
Added extra information to the UI for AI worlds to better describe how they behave in comparison to traditional Worlds

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