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This app automatically records your study or break times.

It displays the stats of each study and break time for a day, a week, a month, and a custom period.
Also, it supports the stats for per-study and per-break.

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Study Checker user reviews :

I guess the developers have left this app already, Since there hasn’t been any upgrade after 2016.. however,the app is really good, ad free and simple. Does not distract much. Yet track the time just fine. I wish there was a log in option.

This app is perfect for me. I like how it gamifies the process of studying. But I have many features for request. Like I wish I could see the levels of all the subjects on one single page to plan out what subject i need to work more on. And I wish I could set daily total time goal, eg. 6 hours. Otherwise, this app has features that one cannot even imagine. Stats are nicely designed and very practical.

I went to sleep at 12:30 AM kept slipping till 8 AM when I wake up didn’t change the category till 12 30 PM but in time counting clock it’s showing only 7 hrs sleep only and etc box is also showing 7 hrs …But practically I wasted approx 12 hrs in reality…. why it’s not showing the right statistics… explain or correct and make it more understandable…

This is a really good app. It is exactly what I wanted. The best thing about the app is that all features of the app are included in the free version(except for widgets, which is reasonable). Extremely satisfied with the application.

It is undoubtedly a very useful application. The developers had a very great thought to built this , since there is no other application to track time in such a user friendly interface. Kudos for that.

I love this app! I’ve been using it for 4 years now and next year will be my 5th year using it. It helps me keep track of which days I tend to study most on and which subjects I rarely study so that I could focus on them to make sure I get good grades in all of them

Excellent app for time logging. If developer can add provision for start and end time of a project and put time elapsed as a percentage, it can be used as a feedback to compare with the level of hours so that we are achieving the required rate of progress

I liked this app alot! This is the best app for you, if you want to schedule your study. You can make it better by more intractive options, well yes, i totally recommend you this!

Pretty good but i can’t add hours manually outside of using timer. I sometimes forget to start the timer so need to add manually but i can’t. If you could add this option it would be awesome.

This is a very useful app, I’ve been using it for the past 10 weeks to keep statistics on number of hours and their distribution for studying a software program.

This is what the app I was searching for..Please Do add more graphs to Analytics part , add comparitive chart. I just loved this app. It helps to concentrate more on subject. Do update this app often, seems last updated on May, 2016 !!!

Simple yet a powerfull app. The perfect one Im searching for. This is the best app but you should improve app interface.

Really beautiful app. With clarity, simplicity, and without any ads, this app does its job phenomenally well.

Cool app but I cant add time I studied outside of using the timer… How do you add time for a subject? I didnt start timer after 4 hours of studying.

Hi there. I love study checker. What is level goal and how it is different than day goal, and how to use it? Thanks.

Its excellent! It simply does what is claims…. It has really helped me keep track of my time.

It’s amazing app that its result really come in handy ,help one’s to come to the realization of own ability.

Simply outstanding. This app help me of to track my time.kindly request plz improve user interface.

super amazing app, useful for everyone, bot limited to students. P.S. – this app is made for only those who respect their time & want to get most out od their life

The best app to track your study .I have been using this app from 4to5 years. And this is absolutely a great app .love it

This is app really helpful..perfect for students for their scheduled studies

Excellent app. I like this app. This app is awesome it help me too much. So useful..

Most beautiful and effective app to approach ur success and good habits.

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