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[App] StuffKeeper – Home inventory organizer

StuffKeeper  It’s an app that makes storing and finding things easy – things that you don’t use often, but that can come in handy at any moment.

For example: tools, seasonal clothes, various accessories, spare parts, household items, etc.

We often “misplace” such things because we don’t remember where we put them or who we gave them to. The search for these things can take a long time, and sometimes we just buy the new ones.

Stuff Keeper not only helps you find and store your stuff – it also saves your money!
Pack your things in your phone and don’t misplace them anymore.

App also makes life easier for people with various memory disorders, information overload, ADHD, etc.

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StuffKeeper user reviews :

StuffKeeper is the best app I’ve ever downloaded. I have changed, updated and deleted items without any issues from the app. It has countless possibilities, just use your imagination. I no longer worry about losing things in my house. I keep track of virtually everything in my life with this app. And, this app has never crashed regardless of the pics, categories and subcategories I’ve added. Thank you developers! I am so grateful for your app.

This is the best app I found for my home inventory. This has helped me a locate everything fast as we are constantly moving. One small feedback: hope the number of items for each “box” will also include the items stored in “sub-boxes” within that box. Also, for items where we own more than one piece of it, it would really really be great if we can add quantities for the items we add. Thanks for such a great app.

I like this app because it allows me to put stuff into other stuff. There are a lot of these apps which force you to make a concept of a container or holder, whereas this one just makes everything the same class and it makes it so much easier to just add it and forget about the “type” of thing. I’m also happy that it’s no centred around insurance or cost or loaning. If you want to loan something you can just make another object for the person and move the stuff to that entity. Thank you!

Very nice and intuitive. Works perfectly and for those who have hard time in finding items, this app is prefect. Good job.

It would be okay, but premium is expensive and free is SUPER restrictive… I intended to use this to organize and quickly find my makeup collection, particularly items in project pans. Would have been an amazing app for that. However, I’m not paying $15/year for this app. That is very expensive for a phone app, and an annual subscription, for basically a photo app with a search feature. Really seems excessive. With the free version, I didnt even get my makeup/skincare categories put in.
  • StuffKeeper
  • Hello, Sims Fanatic! Thank you very much for your feedback. We have removed the subscription to the application. Now you can permanently activate the premium version of the app
As a developer I highly respect that this app is simple, does what it does well, is easy to use, elegant, stable, and overall well-executed. As a user I appreciate its usefulness. But I’m really concerned with the price, given its simplicity, and data security, which I don’t see at all. Personally, while this seems like a great app for some people, for me I it’s a bit too much cost for not enough features and a little too much worry. Any chance to FOSS? Thanks anyway guys!
  • StuffKeeper
  • Hello, Tony. Thank you for your feedback! We plan on developing the app and adding new features. And we believe no one should work for free!
Useful, but static. Bought Premium but this app would be much more useful if you could MOVE items between locations. Limited functionality. I would consider GALLERY BROWSE MODE (By name, location, or time) as an overview of what you are trying to find, SEARCH, and the ability to RELOCATE / MOVE items to be the first list of improvement for this app. Thought that was what I was paying for.
  • StuffKeeper
  • Hello, Wayne! Thank you very much for your feedback. You can move items between locations by swiping an item to the left in the list of items, a move button will appear. You can move multiple items at once. Gallery browse mode we will implement in future releases of the application. We will be grateful if you change your app rating.

Looks great, simple and practical, cheap too. I only wonder about import/export capability. It would be important to be able to export all the data in case of the application’s development stopping. I’m also surprised at the lack of sharing capability, since being able to let someone else know where something is is quite handy. Even being able to copy and paste would be useful.

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