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Subterfuge  Subterfuge is a week-long multiplayer game of strategy and diplomacy that plays out in real time. Gather intelligence, coordinate with other players, issue orders, and influence how the game unfolds. Master both strategy and diplomacy to come out on top.

IMPORTANT NOTE: some devices get stuck on a black screen when the game launches. fixing this is our top priority. instead of giving us an angry 1 star review, maybe give us a few days to figure things out 🙂 — thanks!

Subterfuge is the perfect mobile game for someone looking for an in-depth strategy game you can play for 5 minutes at a time or stare at your phone for 45 minutes plotting schemes and executing flawlessly timed maneuvers — TouchArcade

In a world of single-serving iPhone distraction, Subterfuge is a remarkable standout, a booming four-course meal of strategy, diplomacy, and damn fine gameplay. — The Daily Dot

Nobody is going to trust me, so I might as well be untrustworthy in a way that’s better than stabbing someone in the back. — Daft Souls Podcast
Features unlocked by buying Level 2 Security Clearance IAP:
Unlimited scheduled orders
Create private games
Play in rated games
Play multiple games simultaneously
Keep notes about other players

Subterfuge user reviews :

Best strategy game for mobile I’ve ever played. Simple, easy-to-understand mechanics produce countless tactical options. That’s not even including the game’s emphasis on diplomacy. This is a real strategy game, nothing contrived or pointless about it, it hits straight at the heart of what serious strategy players are looking for in a game. Further expansion is unneccessary for this well thought out game, but it would only improve as long as what it already is stays intact.

Hey, I’d like to like it, i think. Ran thru the tutorial, looks like it might be fun. But, not one game available to play without paying, and I’m afraid I’m not gonna shell out for it until i can a least see how it plays, so… Guess it gets uninstalled. Be cool to try it out and see, but…

Nice concept, good mechanics, gameplay is a bit confusing at first bit i got the hang of it after about 20 minutes, the only thing that really sucks is that you have to wait about 3 hours to play 1 online match. Would have kept the game installed if the game at the very least had AI matches

Its definitely a fun game, it’s truly all about strategy and diplomacy, but it’s not a game for people who have trouble dealing with stress. For anyone who is bored this is perfect. It doesn’t suck up much of your time

It’s a very good game! The private messages for secret treaties and alliances is superb, the gameplay is slow and a wee bit tense, amazing all around! Just one issue: when I try to boot up and play it, it doesn’t load. It just sits there, nothing happening, with a black screen. Still, I think it’s just a personal error. Very fun, 4/5.

Nice game. One game is played for days! but there must be brake for night… otherwise enemies just watching when you possible sleeping, so need to woke up at night sometimes…. thats not cool. Or at least to make option to choose time period when when nobody cant make any actions.

Amazing concept Loving the game when I get to play it. Over half the time I try to start the game it just freezes on a black screen, but when I do get to play it’s great.

Legit 5 Star Game! This is a legit 5 star game, it’s not a pay to win game and well worth the $10 add on offered (I mean support the people that make real games, not all the pay to win developers) I’ve had no issues with connection or black screens, there are 3 videos to watch that teach you how to play the game and then it’s up to you to improve, communicate and use strategy to win games…… True 5 Star game, well worth the download and time to learn to play…. Hope to see you guys in battle!

Amazing This is what mobile games should be. The game is original, smart, and a lot of fun, as well as having a fantastic look. Is it buggy? Yes. Does it have problems? Yes. However, it’s still in development, and the developers are active with their community and constantly doing their best to make the game the best they can. 10/10

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