Sudoku 4ever – Eight different Sudoku variants

[Game] Sudoku 4ever

Sudoku 4ever  Unlimited number of puzzles, eight difficulty levels, world-class hint engine and game statistics – simply the best Sudoku app on the market.

Game Play

Eight different Sudoku variants: Classic & Jigsaw puzzles (aka Squiggly), Asterisk-, Centerdot-, Color-, Hyper-, Percent- & X-Sudokus
Eight difficulty levels: very easy, easy, moderate, advanced, hard, very hard, fiendish, nightmare
Six input methods (digit first, cell first, mixed, Andoku cell first, Andoku digit first, popup)
Pencil marks with auto set or auto erase
Persistent undo/redo
Auto save
Highlighting of selected digits and pencil marks
Highlighting of completed digits
Highlighting of incorrect digits
Coloring mode (cells and pencil marks) to support coloring solving techniques
Very advanced hint functionality
Analysis functionality to rate the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle and to get a detailed list of required solving techniques
Game statistics: fastest, average, slowest times and total time played for each difficulty level
Extremely configurable
The integrated solver solves any Sudoku in milliseconds


Portrait and landscape mode
All screen types and sizes
Touch screen, keyboard and trackball
Installation on external storage (e.g. sdcard)
Android 1.6-4.x

Hint Functionality

Full House
Hidden Single
Hidden Subset (Pair, Triple + Quad)
Naked Single
Naked Subset (Pair, Triple + Quad)
Locked Candidates (Pointing + Claiming)
X-Wing (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)
Swordfish (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)
Jellyfish (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)
Almost Locked Candidates (Pair, Triple + Quad)
Avoidable Rectangle (type 1 + 2)
Hidden Unique Rectangle
Uniqueness Test (type 1, 2, 3, 4 + 5)
BUG+1, BUG+2, BUG+3 and BUG+4
Aligned Pair + Triple Exclusion
Sue de Coq
Remote Pairs
Bidirectional Cycles
Forcing X-Chains
Forcing XY-Chains
Nishio Forcing Chains
Double Forcing Chains
Contradiction Forcing Chains
Region Forcing Chains
Cell Forcing Chains

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Sudoku 4ever user reviews :

The best there is. Don’t look anywhere else. It has EVERYTHING you need. Perhaps the most useful is the ‘hint’ function. It tells what technique to use at any stage of the puzzle, AND explains the logic of the techniques. HOWEVER, with the latest update it keeps crashing ALL THE TIME.

This game is great, but ads are unacceptable. They are sexually oriented and or have audio sounds which should NOT be used on ANY phone app. Don’t need that kind of attention while in a crowd or a meeting.

Since the beginning of November, finishing a puzzle brings the summary display in a flashing, jittery and unresponsive mode. The display is strobe-like, so it may cause an epileptic response!

This is a solid game, and its hint system helps you learn how to play as you go. I’ve spent many more hours, days, and weeks playing this game than I’d care to admit. Great app!

Pretty puzzles. Hints that help but don’t give it away.

My favorite Sudoku app because it has the Sudoku X variant.

I really love the Sudoku options in this app, but almost all of the ads lately are pro-Trump. I prefer nonpolitical ads, so I’ve down-graded my review from 5 stars to 1 and am looking for a new Sudoku app.

Needs setting to stop autoplay of ads or always mute them. I like to play sometimes when I can’t sleep, and the intrusive noise is extremely annoying to people around me. If I uninstall, it will be because of this alone.

Extremely rich and flexible configuration, great UI, very stable. No adds on the play screen. This should be the golden standard for Sudoku apps.

Hints and analysis are implemented beautifully. If you’re coming from another sudoku app, persist, with its many customisations possible you can pretty much set it up as you want.

Best Sudoko on Google Play. Plenty of different versions and difficulty levels to keep the most avid sudoko player happy.

Best sudoku app ive ever seen. Great tutorials and hints that help you learn how to solve the hard puzzels!

Great game play lots of options in settings to make it play the way I like

Great version. Ads are a bit annoying, but hey it’s free.

With the best hint engine, I can learn sudoku so fast. This is really awesome. Sometimes, the game freezes during the play, but this won,t stop my addiction to it.

I love their version, I can play no other. After 700+ game plays on this (this one is still going strong, but the least I can do is give them $1.99) I’m buying their Plus version right now!

I have been enjoying playing and up to the last few days have had no problems. However it has started to freeze, whilst the clock is still ticking away and then ….. the whole board disappears and the screen goes black and I can’t find the game anymore. What a total waste of time. I shall persevere for a few more days but if it doesn’t resolve itself I shall uninstall this app. At that point I would rate it no stars.

I am THRILLED that I finally found a sudoku I can color. Coloring your sudoku is important to solve a hard puzzle by a true/false analysis. Thank you! I do have one suggestion. I would like a button to toggle between cell first/number first. That would make this app over the top. Bravo!

Loved this game! But for a week or so I’ve been stuck in the settings screen and can’t figure out how to get back to the game. Can someone help?

The best sudoku app there is, if you prefer the NumPad layout and tapping the numbers instead of the field first. It doesn’t have achievements but everything else makes up for it.

I love it only wished there was more of the jigsaw puzzles

I have the app for a long time in my kindle. I have just downloaded this to my phone. I love how easy it is to use the app, totally seamless experience.

Best sudoku ever, The way you are satisfy. But we all know online hight score is not the same as we do it on paper.

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