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[Game] Sudoku by Guru Puzzle Game Studio

Sudoku by Guru Puzzle Game Studio  Enjoy the free Sudoku puzzle game for people who are a fresh start and advanced!

Thousands of sudoku puzzles to solve. Download and start the daily challenge!

The Sudoku – Sudoku puzzle, Brain game, Number game is a kind of cool math games, and it has many different Sudoku puzzles and contains four different levels: Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Expert. Download Sudoku – Sudoku puzzle, Brain game, Number game now and choose the appropriate level for you!

Solve the easy level of daily Sudoku puzzles for fun, enhance logical thinking ability with medium/hard Sudoku levels. The game has the functions that to add or remove notes by turning on the memo during gameplay. Did you make a mistake? No problem, there are undo and hint functions! Don’t give up!!


1. Turn on the note mode to take notes like solving puzzles on a piece of paper. The memo is automatically updated itself while you fill in the cell
2. Find your mistakes and challenge yourself or use auto-check to see your mistakes in real-time
3. Complete daily challenges and earn special trophies!
4. Use the free hint function when you are stuck.
5. Number-first input. Tap and hold a number to lock it and you can use it for multiple cells.
6. Dark Theme. Perfect for you to play Sudoku before bed.

Other additional functions

1. There is a stats feature for each difficulty so that you can examine the game played at any time. (Statistics can be reset).
2. Unlimited Undo. Did you make a mistake? Get it back fast!
3. Autosave. If you leave Sudoku incomplete, it will be saved. Keep playing anytime.
4. Eraser. Eliminate all mistakes!
5. Mistakes Limit. You can turn off the mistakes limit in the game settings or change it to 3, 5, or 10 mistakes.


1. 9×9 grid with simple design
2. Four perfectly balanced difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

Train your brain anytime and anywhere with the Sudoku – Sudoku puzzle, Brain game, Number game. If you like Sudoku and playing math game, we welcome you. Come and try it out! Investing your spare time in Sudoku is very helpful for your mental health. Challenge yourself how quickly you can solve problems!

We always carefully check all reviews. Please leave your feedback on why you like this game or suggestions for improvements! Thank you and have fun with Sudoku – Sudoku puzzle, Brain game, Number game!

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Sudoku by Guru Puzzle Game Studio user reviews :

Great game play, the adds are very frustrating. I have already downloaded a app by mistake just trying to move past the add, and I just started playing today. I understand needing to see the video for the add, but once it is done can I get an X to close it? I will try some other sudoku apps and see which one I am willing to pay to remove adds for I guess. I know that it is not the end of the world, but $7 to just remove adds feels a bit steep.
  • Guru Puzzle Game Studio
  • Hi, sorry about this issue. Could you please kindly take a screen recording or a video regarding the whole process of the issue, and send it to sudoku[at] It would be very helpful for us to locate the issue and make the app right for you. Thank you very much for the support! :-) – Zora
This game frustrates me very much because a mis-tap is considered a mistake and if I think I’m on notes and tapping away when it’s not, whole game wasted. The settings are unclear. I prefer to select number first but have a very hard time understanding how to make that work without the app marking my struggling to navigate as a failure to do the puzzle. I’ve uninstalled (because the notes numbers are TINY) and then requested by developer to try again which I did & here I am still with problems.
  • Guru Puzzle Game Studio
  • Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. To use the number-first input feature, you can tap and hold on one number and then you can input it into several cells. For more info, please feel free to reach us at sudoku[at] Thank you! – Zora

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