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[Game] Sudoku Katana

Sudoku Katana  Sudoku Katana: Sharpen your mind!

Sudoku is considered to be one of the most well-known numeric puzzles; they also call it a numeric or digital crossword. Translated from Japanese, Sudoku means “numbers rescued from solitude,” and, according to statistics, this is quite true. You can find this “magic square” in many magazines, newspapers and collections, and not only in Japan, but around the world! Solving these puzzles is so popular that it’s considered the most simple and exciting form of leisure entertainment. It’s interesting to note its ability to develop logical and abstract thinking.

The game field is a 9×9 stacked square, which is divided by darker lines into 9 squares with sides of three cells. As a result, you get a game field of 81 cells, each of which must have its own special number. At first, some of the cells are already filled with numbers (from 1 to 9); they serve as prompts. You must fill the remaining empty cells with numbers, so that in each row, column and smaller square, numbers don’t repeat; that is, they’re only encountered once.

With the game on “paper,” players often use pencil and eraser, and also various types of “tabs” to conveniently fill in the field. However, our program has a series of special characteristics that make the game more exciting and interesting without any sort of additional gimmicks.

Features of our App:

7 levels of difficulty
7 million Sudoku
All Sudoku are free
Identical numbers are highlighted
Available numbers are highlighted
Auto-save for current puzzles
Save any interesting puzzles
Lock a current field, check options
Choose a font for numbers
Choose a background
A picture bonus for winning each level of diffiulty
Supports screen rotation
Supports tablets

Features for VIP users:
No Ads

Sudoku Katana user reviews :

Brilliant app. Simply Sudoku. Nothing else. Absolutely perfect in all respects. Keep it as it is.

Great game but wish it had a timer on it.

Simply Sudoku has been keep me busy since I’ve been getting bored with Sims!

Wonderful and clean app Thanks.

Great app. There’s only one feature it misses to be ideal. Multiple cells selection. For example, if I defined seven cells, to put some number in them, I’d like to select all those seven cells, then press on that number once to fill all seven cells simultaneously.

A small success will cheer up your hard day. But why is Master level easier than Expert level?

This is so addictive! I FOR SURE LOVE THIS GAME, but then again I’ve always loved Sudoku!!! I like the way it makes you have to use your brain!!! It’s freaking AWESOME – NESS!!! THNKS!!!

Nice, simple, convenient, has some great features, can customize background and games themselves, again – a lot of features. Love it.

I find it a bit too easy. I’ve been able to complete multiple puzzles on the genius level without difficulty. But I’m not that good at soduku – I usually struggle with medium difficulty puzzles. I would also like the option to put small numbers in or big numbers and not have them change automatically.

Very odd Unintuitive gameplay and not customizable. It looks nice, and good for more casual play.. But no way to select a number first and then select cells? No pencil option, so you have to put multiple numbers in a box in order to have candidates? This limits gameplay options unnecessarily using a feature that doesn’t make sense.

Variety Depending on time and the amount of relaxation I want I can find the right level. Keeps my mind active.

Numerous levels and easily understood play

One of the very best application … love it …

Good design and interface. On that basis I would have given 4 or 5…but the puzzles are much too easy. The “genius” level puzzles are intermediate at best.

Simple to work with a good range of difficulty

Good for beginners but basic puzzles are far too simple

Great game to learn the game, but also to stimulate your brain.

Good sudoku game. I am enjoying it.

If you have a possible digit is available to use in two blocks in one cube it doesn’t let you put them in small type. It only does that if you enter two digits in the same box.

Making notes is inconvenient.

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