Super Clone – Save the world and find your lost memories

[Game] Super Clone – cyberpunk roguelike action

Super Clone  You are the only SUPER CLONE hero on the cyberpunk world stolen by robots.

Please save the world and find your lost memories.

Explore cities, collect pieces of lost memories and upgrade your weapons and equipment!
You’d be able to enjoy the hidden fun of finding the disappearing cat and create limitless battle possibilities via the combination of stage-by-stage skill upgrades.

Super Clone again
Be the hero by defeating rogue robots and saving stolen cities
Explorer weapons and skills for making the perfect super clone!
Customize your super clone by choosing a cyberpunk design armor

Action with styles
Splendid impact according to weapon selection
Rogue-like action shooting game that will give you a sense of impact that rogue-like puzzles and rogue-like RPG cannot give!

Endless battles and growth system
Upgrade your Super Clone’s guns, armor, and abilities with rewards obtained in stages with the Rogue-like system!
Find spectacular actions that can only be acquired during the game!
Choose from a variety of powerful guns, armor, and skills to fight against hundreds of patterns of mechanical robots.
Upgrade your super clone to become a hero!

Stylish battle
Sensual cyberpunk retro design created with 3D graphics, colorful light effects and deep sound, cool hitting impact are basic!
Visual pleasure from various themes of cities and robots!
Experience shooting action with your five senses!

We recommend Super Clone for these people
People who like cyberpunk design
Anyone who likes action shooting games
Who likes roguelike upgrade games
People who want to create a variety of superclone hero by choosing armor, weapons, and skills
A person who was looking for a game with a colorful hitting feeling, not a boring rogue-like game

Please stay tuned! the fast updates for next stages and new game mode will find you!

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Super Clone user reviews :

What a great game with mediocre reviews! Definitely deserves better reviews. The game has a few bugs here and there but you can still play through it. It’s NOT a P2W like most games. The progression is slow due but rewarding. Levels/Skills are capped but hopefully that will be updated. Overall a fun game that I play from time to time and managed to get to the last level.

Exactly what I was looking for. Laid back roguelike shooter with rewarding and fair sense of progression. No big grindwalls or random unavoidable enemy attack patterns. If you ever feel like you are not strong enough, you can watch videos which help you get stronger. Otherwise they are completely optional.

I more like offline games because internet isn’t good at our house and I saw this game and got fascinated, but when I played it the second time in offline mode I couldn’t open it it keeps loading the screen(I don’t know if it’s a bug or not)but when i play it online the games just works nicely. You could have just put online instead of offline if you’re gonna do that, then I can give you five star.

Great game, it’s a bit misleading to put this on the Offline Genre though because you need internet in irder to log-in. I understand that it prevents the time exploit on the rewards but still, a very decent game. Some bugs are there but it’s not game breaking, more like really annoying like the drones not moving from the spawn, notification on the lobby. But like a said, it’s a decent game.

Addictive game. Although the entire gameplay relies on energy which is capped at 10, which means you’ll get to play only 10 times in a go till the time the energy is not refilled. I’d love it if this system was eliminated. Overall the game has vibrant and colorful graphics. Smooth gameplay with interesting dialogues and good power ups that anyone can combo with.

A fun game with unfortunately a few glitches, mostly visual. The game play is great, but progression on levelling up items is very slow so you feel underpowered a lot. RNG to collect the memories is also a bit painful when going back to older stages to collect them all.

Fun game one of the best bullet dodgers on the market. Lots to do and lots of weapons + armor and many upgrades rng for item pulls seem alright in early parts of the game but you will find yourself short on coins fairly quickly if you read this far save your coins untill you get some full magic gear and a good magic weapon for a good start and launcher or slow firing weapons aren’t neerly as good as you think they’d be

I was surprised how good it is. I played countless games like this (Arch Hero games) and this is the first one that has a interesting story and unique good game play (Love the action mechanic). The only thing bad about the game was that for some reason the joystick in settings was on locked when you first start the game and it felt horrible (just turn it off and game feels so much better).

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