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Supersonic is an adrenaline-charged, music-driven 3D ride game. Blaze through radiant neon racing circuits at ever faster speeds, accompanied by electronic beats from Finnish artist collective Kitkaliitto. The ultimate challenge comes in the 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles.

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Play your mp3 tunes in circuits generated from your song!
Enter Mixtapes mode and tap cassette icon to create a new track.
High speed 3D tunnel ride game
Cutting edge riders can compete for a place on the weekly Top 50 list
Levels designed to the rhythm of electronic music by Kitkaliitto (
Three game modes: Classic, Blitz and MixTape
Blazing 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles
Four classic mode racing circuits with custom soundtracks and loads of score bonuses
Earn game credits to purchase power-ups for Blitz mode


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Supersonic user reviews :

Hanging problem graphics are good new ideas but after some time game freeze next can’t open hanging problem starts sadly force to close. Not bad not too good VIRAJ GHADGE

The final update ruined this game This was a really fun game until a week or so ago, then for some reason it deleted all my mixtapes and wouldn’t allow me to upload any more. I deleted it and reinstalled it, but now all my mixtapes have super fast courses, just ridiculously fast. It takes the fun out of it because now instead of relaxing and playing a game to pass the time, I am swinging my arms constantly for 6 minutes, there’s absolutely no relaxation to this game now and the diamonds and obstacles have very little to do with the music.

Cool concept, but impossibly difficult I have been waiting for a game with the same feel and idea as Audiosurf on Microsoft Zune. This let’s you play the game to your own music, but I’m not so sure if it does anything with it other than speed up during louder parts of the song. I felt like Audiosurf did a much better job of “playing with your music”. Of the few times I have played it I always get a terrible score apparently. I constantly finish songs with 1 star. I feel like I hit the metal walls even when I visually seemed to clear them. Looks like I will have to keep waiting for someone to make an Audiosurf copy which is closer to the original.

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