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[Game] Sweet Sins Superstars

Sweet Sins Superstars  Sweet Sins Superstars is the ultimate anime-like musical game where you fight enemies to the rhythm of the music!

Play a variety of musical genres: JPop, kpop, rock, electro swing, EDM, house and many more!

Save Musicalia from the evil Queen of Silence!


Rhythm gameplay – tap the enemies to the beat of the music!
Easy, medium and hard levels
Discover new musical worlds!
Unlock special characters with unique skills to level up!
Collect lots of powerful Miimos!
Cute kawaii art

No additional purchases are needed to finish the game.
No internet connection needed.

This game is in an early stage of development so your feedback means the world to us! Please if you have any suggestions email us at support[at]platonicgames.com

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Sweet Sins Superstars user reviews :

This rhythm game is soooo cute!!! I can’t help but squeal at the festive graphics and the “Rate Us” song, it’s really cute. Anyway something is bugging me though so I’ll write another review. it’s the long note. When you press it, somehow the effect is not as festive as when you defeat monsters (a. k. a pressing the usual note). It’s as if we’re not doing anything. If it’s okay, I suggest to maybe add some kind of visual effect to long notes? thank you!

The art style is really cute, I’m not gonna lie I mainly installed this game for the characters. But the game itself is AMAZING, I absolutely love it! It has a few too many ads in my opinion, but I understand. I mean the game is free and it probably took a lot of time and hard work, so I guess its understandable. Overall this app is super fun and I’ll definitely show my friends it.

I need some sort of game to play while waiting for the bus it’s fairly quick when you load into game and it’s pretty simple so I can at least get a few rounds in before it comes.other than that I really like the gameplay and the characters everything about it it’s just really cute. But sometimes it doesn’t recognize my finger when I’m trying to click on the circle coming down other than that it’s really good .

Basically Muse Dash, but uglier and with a ton of ads. Edit: Guess I’ll clarify the ‘uglier’ part. I don’t mind the artstyle used, but the gameplay sections just look lifeless in comparison to the game’s trailer and promotional art. And I get that the ads are there because the game is free, but an ad after every song, AND a pop-up telling me to watch an ad before starting a song is way too much.
  • Platonic Games
  • Our game is not ugly and our artists made an amazing work ^-^ the game mechanic is like Muse Dash and other games out there, but we casualized the gameplay and made it vertical so it can be played with just one hand and be more accessible. Also, is free, so everyone can play it, and that’s why it has ads :) Thanks anyway for playing it!

I’ve never played a rhythm game before so I can’t speak to how well this is in the genre. but I downloaded it on a whim and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. it’s a chill and fun game with the cutest graphics and good music. try it out!

Fun game, easy to pick up and play. If I had one suggestion, though, it would be to change the ‘drum hit’ sound, when targeting, to something softer as it doesn’t match the music being played.

This is the best rythm game so far. But I rated it with 4 stars because sometimes it glitched. Other than that this game is great

Its a cute game but i wish theres a setting for the sounds that you can switch on/off of the sound where you gonna smack the enemy

The game is really cute and the music is good! There’s not too many ads.

It’s a fun game. Really nice animations and cute characters

This game is pretty enjoyable and would recommend, but it keeps on crashing. I tried different methods but it just wouldn’t work. I’m not really into rhythm type games but this was pretty good :’) Pretty sad right now

I love these games seriously so much there the best games.

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