Sword Cat Online – Relax in a world of cartoon

[Game] Sword Cat Online – Indie Anime MMO Action RPG

Sword Cat Online  Sit back and relax in a world of cartoon cat heroes and nonstop actions!

Super beginner-friendly indie game, so let’s have some fun!

This cat anime RPG game is in English but easy to understand. No Ads, Enjoy 100%

We love cats, anime and cartoon. This indie game featuring hero battle cats is for all cat lovers and anime fans worldwide, you rock!
A sister battle cats game version of our Sword Fantasy Online for anime fans, similar gameplay actions.

Game Intro
Combo a sword art that knocks the dungeon boss off the ground then chain a flurry of strikes to destroy them mid-air! Pick up and play anytime, every battle will be a fun pleasure in this memorable anime action RPG!
Sword Cat Online is an epic fantasy RPG game combines cute cartoon cats heroes and fun manga story with MMO elements such as online PVP arena, guild wars, clan bosses into one ultimate anime cat RPG online adventure.
Casual indie game, free to play friendly!

Facebook Message Support:  www.facebook.com/swordcatonline/
Player Community Discord Text Chat:  discord.gg/WmGhaJ7

Game Features
Action MMO with Innovative Single Hand Control
This fun online anime cat game combines ARPG with classic MMO. Everybody can use one hand to control battle cats knight and wizards unite attack, dodge, run, and dash actions. Lets play this hack and slash action game and unleash sword art or magic with a tap! This skill based fighting RPG chronicle ys perfect as a bus or subway idle cat game!

Epic Boss
Don the gauntlet, be a furry cat mage hero or epic knight grand, chase monsters and heroes, charge into dozens of dungeon boss fights. Be cat avengers and contest the injustice with a league of legendary cat heroes. Like arcade action games, learn dungeon boss attack patterns in epic battles, use tactics to win final in this fantasy RPG!
Everybody can fight dozens of classic dungeon bosses, furry quest cats vs dragon avenger, attack titan golem, twilight vampire lord, beast brawlers, dark post knight … run escape to their blind spots and exploit with magic and sword art, online RPG actions fun to the endgame!

Beautiful Art, Cool Cat Heroes & Hot Maid Girls
Exclusive to this anime cat game, recruit dozens of furry battle cats in this ARPG, lead anime battle cat warriors. Each cartoon cat girl has her story and unique combat skills. Cute, sassy, hot, cool, valkyrie, connect you with all kind of furries cat girls from otaku dream.
An epic hero mage cat who can summon and merge dragons, a cat knight from the grand order of fate, a daredevil monkey king, a moe ninja girl reborn, and more at your command! Free daily epic summoners ticket to summon furries.
Train your cute kitten maid, Kitty, into otaku waifu or wakfu like dating sim games. Lets play if you like JRPG, harem, arcade fight, 2D anime games, or AFK idle games.

Online MMORPG Social Clan & Mini Games
Sword Cat Online is a true worldwide multiplayer RPG and a full social MMO. Walk or AFK idle around the cartoon cat castle, toontown, emoji chat, join clan events and choose clan emblem, clash in PVP RPG Arena, fight World Boss.
In this cutest fantasy RPG, play mini 2D games like training maids, collect monster legends, treasure trove, raid for rune, scape land, brave the frontier, and play gacha! Play active or afk idle, quests to hero wars. Like classic MMORPG, weave a chibi story or leave a legacy!

Daily Free Gems, Free to Play Friendly
We strive to be the cutest and best 2D fantasy action RPG cat game. Collect Gems from the main quest land, events, daily quests and more, be a phantasy star in this online RPG.

Worldwide Server: Cat Land, Neko, Meow

Business E-mail: scosupport[at]elysiumgame.com

Sword Cat Online user reviews :

Good game. Good gameplay. Good graphics. I enjoyed this game but have now stopped playing because of a major bug where items, skills and characters don’t have pictures. They still have their box and sometimes a name but the have no picture. I have a fusion 5 tablet. If you fix this bug then I will start playing again. Thanks for the feedback but the problem isn’t sorted. I uninstalled and installed again. Please fix this bug.
  • Ely Anime Games
  • Hi Joseph, we think the issue is likely the client files are corrupted. You can try go to settings, app, Sword Cat, Clear Cache, Clear Data. If still not working, uninstall and reinstall from Google Play. We think it is device related, do you have a phoen to try it on? Can you message us on Facebook @swordcatonline?
Love the game a lot… just the only problem is there’s no way to get one of the “highest” ranked tiers without constantly spending money for the rewards for then. Though the summons mention its possible, it doesn’t seem to be as all the highest ranked tier players are all locked with the tag “Event” (saying how you get them), and the event is you spending money constantly for the reward that gives you pieces for your SSSR. Anyways, love the game but that’s the biggest flaw it seems.
  • Ely Anime Games
  • Hi Nyan, thanks for the review. Those heroes are not designed to be necessary for the game. It could be this game’s style, too free to play, or general player base. Many people like it but don’t or don’t feel the need to spend anything. We are not hoping to make back any operation cost any more, just happy it can bring some casual fun to players.

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