Sword of Legacy – A thrilling adventure awaits you

[Game] Sword of Legacy

Sword of Legacy   Come, enter the fabulous world of Lucrezia !

A thrilling adventure awaits you in this new MMORPG. You will fight monsters, face numerous players, craft a wide variety of pets, and travel the world on foot or on the back of magnificent mounts.

Multiple character personalization options
A wide variety of cosmetic items and equipment
Open world Environment including various biomes
Daily Events
Fightball (PvP Football)
Day/Night sequence

New pets added regularly
Mounts added every season
Daily and level based quests
No level limit
New Seasons and updates regularly!!

MMORPG = massively multiplayer online role-playing game

Sword of Legacy user reviews :

Fun Game! , but there is still alot of problem, like for the event there are no info of where it will be held ,the map doesn’t help much, unless if you make like an arrow pointing at the event place, and there is no insturctions of upgrading, make the control better. Other than that its a really great rpg game with open world and make your own story concept

I’ve had to edit my review and lower the rating even more. Probably the most discouraging thing about the game is the lag. I don’t even think it is the internet connection, but rather the lack of server response. Here’s what happens most the time. I walk up to a mob and it disappears like it wandered to far from its spawn location, so I walk up to the next mob and it walks half way across the map so that I have to chase it down. By the time I catch it, I’ve now hit 3 mobs and they kill me.
  • Lucrezia – MMORPG
  • Hi, you have actually lot of lags? Thank you for this comment and advice. Hi, where do live and on which server do you play please? It will help us to fix this problem. Sorry for you in game experience

Great game, very interesting and entertaining, didn’t expect that from a mobile game, there’s a bug where i can’t drink potions even though I’m a high enough level to drink and I have to either respawn and walk all the way back to where I was or run, which doesn’t help as other creature will kill me.

Bering over a month and the problems just got worse, now I can’t even do basic things the game froze. Mods threaten people about the reviews, getting even worse. It’s a really cool and fun game, just need to be playable (focus here) more than putting more and more content
  • Lucrezia – MMORPG
  • Hi, thanks for your comment. Actually we are working on improving the server stability. So this will no longer be a problem soon

Love this game. Simple, excellent PvP. Well designed crafting system and good graphics. Very helpful community and moderation. Tanky has helped me many times in resolving any issues or conerns. Dailies and great season rewards!

this is the best mmorpg i have ever played! staff are amazing and very active, community is friendly and supportive and there are a ton of features to keep you busy. i highly recommend

Ign izazel server europe/NA this game is so amazing, fun, and addictive wrapped all in one, this is a serious review, I’ve played a lot of games on Google app store and almost none compare to this game. Its grindy. Competitive. And best of all its not pay to win!!! I highly recommend to download and play this fantastic game!!! New updates done regularly and creators play the game with you and take you feedback in game or on discord to improve and implement new and fun things into the game!!!!

My most favorite mobile mmo I’ve ever played, 10/10, graphics are perfect, gameplay is perfect, and just an all around perfect on everything!!!

this game is great and fun to play , leveling, killing mobs and grinding gear is hard but when you have a party its gonna be easy . a good game more power SOL.

Good game… Bug: inventory gets stuck too high on the screen and items can no longer be selected or moved.

This game is very interesting and entertaining and most of all this game is very addictive. admin is also very responsive. there are always exciting updates. this game is not pay2win so you will really want to play. the best part here is hard grinding and farming so if you are looking for a game that does not pay to win it, this is the game you are looking for. this game always has an update so you don’t really get bored -Alimar23

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