Sword Play – Embark on the real shinobi adventure

[Game] Sword Play – Ninja Slice Runner 3D

Sword Play  Sharpen your blade, sword master! It’s time to embark on the real shinobi adventure!

Welcome to Sword Play! – a fun arcade game where all you have to do is dash, slash & slice!

Dash through the hundreds of challenging levels and cut all your targets in pieces who dare to stop you! Could you prove you’re a true hit master?

Slow the time and chop flying bullets, slice explosive barrels in half and beat giant suricens back to your stickman enemies!

The gameplay is super simple. All you need is swiping through the phone screen to cut the dummies into halves.


Face tricky stickman shinobi, gun masters and powerful bosses! You must float like a butterfly unless you want to be cut yourself. Don’t let any samurai make a scratch!


Complete samurai missions to unlock the most dangerous swords in the world! Your arsenal includes Infinity Blade, Lusting Katana, Sabre of Darkness, Beat Blade, Arthur’s Excalibur, and other epic bladed weapons. Crush them all with the superpower of your swords!


A smart shadow ninja takes every chance to defeat their enemies! Don’t hesitate to use poisons, tomahawks and even lasers to bring down all the stickman opponents in a slicing level.

Neither money nor lineage can make a slicing hero! Grab a sword and show your ragdoll enemies who is the real blade master! Download one of the most stylish 3d blade sword games now and slice them all!


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Instagram: www.instagram.com/azur_games
YouTube: www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

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Sword Play user reviews :

The game is fun but you can only play it for a few seconds, it would be better if it had a longer run time. The most irritating things are the ads they keep popping up every other minute. The ones where you can watch them for a item or something. The short game time and the consecutive ads make it frustrated to play for a long time. Which negates the purpose of playing a game. Best way to play this game is on offline mode.

If this game had a zero star rating i would give it to this horrible excuse of a game! My warning to you never install it! All your gonna get is lag after lag and the game makes it physically impossible to play or win! If you try to slice any of the bad guys the game will freeze frame you and make you lose when you know that you should have cut down the persin in front of you!!! This game is the worst thing I’ve played ever dont install this for your own goodnand sanity
  • We apologize for this experience. We would need to speak with you to better understand the problem you encountered. Please contact us at info@aigames.ae so we can help resolve this issue. Thank you.
I HAVE SO MUTCH MONEY!!! Idk what to do with it…. I love this games but it’s kinda getting boring after unlocking everything you continue the same levels…. adds are everywhere and so long.. I do recommend it for a few days but after after that It starts to get boring I hope it gets a updait Until then three stars._______ Thanks you for the updait there are new people to fight and it’s MUTCH more fun! Five stars (I still love the game but van we get more swords?)
  • Hello! We’ll take it into account. We hope to improve our game and make it more enjoyable for you! Thanks for your feedback, your opinion is very important to us
It’s a very enjoyable game for the most part, But there are a decent amount of ads. And if your looking for gameplay that you will enjoy for a while, maybe this isn’t a game for you. Once you collect all the swords, and all the trails, it just gets boring because there is no objective for you to complete. Plus, there are only 9 swords, and trails each. Most of them you can just get from watching ads. Overall, had fun when I started to play, got boring not to long after.
  • Hello! We’ll take it into account. We hope to improve our game and make it more enjoyable for you! Thanks for your feedback, your opinion is very important to us
It is a great game!but why i rate it 3 stars is because it won’t let me unlock more swords it starts to get boring with just one sword idk if anyone else is having the same problem but please fix this!
  • Sorry to hear about that problem. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Thank you for your feedback!

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