TacticsLand – Your strategic play becomes the starting point of victory

[Game] TacticsLand (SRPG)

TacticsLand  Radiant White Wings

This game need the internet to save data.

Game Features

Turn-based tactics.

Your strategic play becomes the starting point of victory.

Various Characters.

Collect the characters.
Experience the character’s story.

Interesting Story.

Enjoy the adventure stories of characters.

Various Skill and Class.

Many skills and professions utilize role-playing
Experience a strategic battle.

Equipment and Relics

Get 100 kinds of equipment and relics.

Various Costume

Create your own character.


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Developer Mail: newclearteam[at]gmail.com

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TacticsLand user reviews :

Overall a good game. On the other hand having quest items go to mail instead of straight to bag consume more time that could be used to go farther in game.

No updates in years Paid for the game first day which says a lot. Game play is fun in depth strategy. Things they can improve. Like all these games they expose the player to the full game very easy. Suddenly you are thrown neck deep into a whole bundle of terms and resources. Also like many of the games your first character is chosen for you. And they rock, plus your first bonus summon means you will have team of one plus two stragglers. I have more remarks but no more room.

Art is really cute, story is interesting but it gets boring really quickly, it gets repetitive. The rewards are not that wow, which is upsetting. A good time killer tho. Sad that the devs abandoned this game

grafik ia cute, story is good too, but repeatable get bored fast

1 positive thing i got from this game is that, it made me miss “tactics” games. Still playing this and quite entertained, but I gotta say, it’s just a basic sample of “tactics” genre games. A story has been injected just to feel like it’s going somewhere. It’s chapter arcs should’ve been a single level scenario, but instead, dialogues have been cut into pieces, spread out to 10 levels of a single chapter to prolong the game. Also, if you manage to buy good weapons, that’s it, No more challenge.

Two suggestions First make quests consider stages already completed, so quest like”finish x stage” will reward you of you already did it previously. The way it is now, you must re do all maps you did in advance to get rewards and worse, just to keep up with new quests. Second: make the move action only consume move points after you commit to a position. So if you miss click you can correct the destination tile without having to”cancel” then “move” again.

Great game…just fix the connection problem . always have to reconnect every 10 second.

Good game, reminds me of final fantasy tactics. A lot of room for improvement though. Also this game should be able to be played offline. But i like how simple it is, really easy controlls and haven’t found any glitches yet.

In all honesty, I don’t think it is necessary for this game a need of an internet to be playable. Log in rewards should be redeemable only with an internet and the game itself should be offline. I’ve been waiting for it to happened but the dev keeps ignoring me.

I got the freeze on tutorial but watching play on YouTube seems it is the end of tutorial anyway. Don’t really lose anything even though it says you will. Still, it should be fixed.

One of those games that look good, but turn out to be unfinished on all corners, but don’t hesitate to ask for payment on every corner. Don’t expect much of a tactics game. It’s more of a turn based incremental clicker.

i’m really happy with what this game has to offer in terms of gameplay, character design, graphics and the fact that the microtransactions are respectable for today’s standards. good job devs!

Really nice no ad pop up and good UI loving it!

add skill strategy blow count first, second, and third and play can play music mind game on arena remove the auto skills

Nice game so far no ads and not asking for you to buy anything pretty cute cool little game
  • NewClear
  • Thank you.

I like the game.. I love it.. tactics is great.. an awesome game in total.

Awesome strategy RPG. Battles are super smooth with quick and easy character movement and attacking. Good variety of characters, loot, and upgrades.
  • NewClear
  • Wow. Thank you

It’s refusing to connect to the internet none of my other apps are having issues and yes there’s plenty of storage!

Fun game great story. Been playing hours non stop
  • NewClear
  • Thank you

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