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TagyTagy: Gather your apps, bookmarks, contacts and settings into tag clouds.

Tagy is a set of widgets that will organize your apps, bookmarks, contacts and settings into tag clouds on your home screen. Tagy presents icon-free interface for those who love minimalistic text design and want a new look for their Android.

*This is a lite version of Tagy with some locked functions. Please purchase Tagy Unlocker to unlock the full version.*
** If you have Android 4+ you might run Tagy app first to make Tagy widgets appear in the widgets list. **

Tag cloud items will grow or shrink based on click frequency, allowing important items to stand out and unimportant items to fade.
Widgets come in multiple sizes, so you can arrange them freely on your smartphone or tablet screen, creating attractive layouts.

Tagy offers a unique user experience: you can
• Instantly access your content without scrolling or browsing folders;
• Obtain insights about usage patterns by locating infrequently used content such as unused apps or inactive contacts as well as favorite items; and
• Save space – one tag cloud can contain five times more items than a regular icon grid.

Plus, with Tagy installed your home screen will display a stunning visual presentation, offering a fresh perspective compared to ubiquitous icon grids.

Tagy is very friendly to your system:
• It consumes minimum system resources;
• It does not affect battery life;
• It needs only basic permissions; and
• It supports custom launchers (GO Launcher, ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, SPB Shell and others) and themes.
Appalso supports portrait and landscape orientation.

Download it now and try it out!

See also:
AppSettings: a free Tagy widget, containing shortcuts for system preferences and functions.
App Google Services: a free Tagy widget, containing links to all Google mobile services.

User reviews:

I really like this widget and the new 5×5 size as it suits my Samsung galaxy S3 best. However it only fills half of the screen :(

And nice realization. But it’s rather difficult to get into customization by tapping on the little dot. There is also some confusion when adding or removing Maps. It adds Navigation, Places and Latitude as well – but I don’t need.

Irreplaceable for people tired of bulky interfaces and seeking easy and elegant way to access their apps Loved it immediately after initial setup. No problems detected, works flawlessly

Minimalistic yes still display more info AND in a dynamic always learning way. Awesome!


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