Talisman Online – Unknown fantasy world waiting to be explore

[Game] Talisman Online Mobile

Talisman Online  TALISMAN ONLINE M is a cross-platform Chinese fantasy mobile 3D MMORPG that harkens back to the spirit of the PC video game Talisman Online.

Vast Map
Unknown fantasy world waiting to be explored.

Weather Systems
Such as drizzle, wind, snow, and other weather conditions, thereby transforming the game environment and making it no longer static.

Detailed Game Picture
Whether if it’s a small bridge on top of a stream or a darkened altar scene, TALISMAN ONLINE M attempts at its best to restore the charm of ancient Chinese structures while leading you into this new immersive world to explore, solve, and take part in.

Random Team: Team up with strangers to do tasks, kill monsters, or complete specified operations,then you will get EXP, gift, silver, and materials.
Guild:Set up or join a Guild to build and grow Guild together
Spouse System:After reaching a certain level, players can date with favorite players. After dating a certain number of times, players can choose to become a companion, then hold a grand Chinese wedding ceremony, and invite friends to attend the wedding banquet.

PVP System
Siege: Different from the full-service competition for a city in the general game, TALISMAN ONLINE M has designed a unique multi-city competition in the Siege. There are three main cities in the game, each Guild can only choose one of them to sign up. Compared to competing for a single city, how the Guilds choose between opponents and teammates to make the Siege more strategic.
Cloud Arena: Players can play 3V3 PK challenges in team mode, invite friends to fight alongside, and fully enjoy the fun of PVP competition

Manor: Create furniture, entertain friends, plant crops, and freely build the ideal mansion. The antique furniture with Chinese characteristics not only can be used as decoration, but also can interact with each other, so that players can experience more fun of Manor.
Trading system: Sell extra gears and gain silvers at any time.
Real-time interaction: Send voice messages, and chat with everyone.

Weapons: Talisman Online M inherited the gameplay settings of Talisman Online, each class has two main weapons which can be easily adapt to various combat environments.
Forge system: Using forge system is the most efficient way to power up gears, mounts, weapons.
Pet System: The most intuitive manifestation of a pet is that it helps the character, giving you bonus stats based on different stat point allocation
Mount System: More than 100 mounts can be selected. Mounts play a vital role in the game. Not only can be used as players’ mobility tools, but also can help players improve their combat power. The mount system is activated at lvl 8 and can be divided into single mounts and double mounts. The methods of obtaining and training are different.

Talisman Online M Official Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/TalismanOnlineM/

Talisman Online user reviews :

you said that you’ve increased the gold drop rate in dungeons but why is it that many of the players including me do our daily runs in dungeons 3 to 4 days now and all we get are unlimited blue items? there are f2p players in your game that only rely on dungeon drops to boost their combat powers and be strong, we know that you are aware of it, how can they cope up to those pay to win players even for a bit if the pay to win players are the ones who always get the good stuff in your dungeons?tsk
  • Dear player, we are trying our best to balance the gap between players by providing different types of new events for free to play players to enjoy our game and provide better-balanced gameplay.
The update is very annoying, you keep on downloading resources after switching different server. It is a waste of time and data. Kindly fix this issue. I also noticed there’s a big difference who top up and who does not. Pay to win game
  • Dear player, sorry for these troubles we brought and we’ll try our best to improve the game for players. Thank you for your feedback!
I started playing this in September and i would like to suggest that you should make some monsters on map more aggressive not just waiting for the players to hit them before they hit back and add some shop items droppable in dungeon. Give monsters on the map a droppable items even its just a normal so players can farm for the bound silver, it will make a friendly environemnt game and it will attrack more player to join. God Blessed
  • Dear player, thanks for sharing your suggestion. Suggestions like this will help us improve our game. Rest assured that this will be forwarded to the developers for review.

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