Tallest Tree – Travel the world to preserve the Earth’s nature

[Game] Tallest Tree

Tallest Tree  Help to save nature.

Tap to climb canyons and travel the world to preserve the Earth’s nature. Tallest Tree helps environmental organizations to save the green forests on our planet.

Every time you level up, we donate to non-profit organizations to plant a real life tree in your honor. All the time spent in this environmentally friendly arcade platform game preserves nature.

Focus, keep going and don’t give up. The canyons will challenge you, and only with the right mindset can you make it through. A handful of the best players reach the peaks to prove they got what it takes.

Tallest Tree takes place in nature. It is inspired by outdoors and sports such as hiking and climbing. You will travel to different places as you progress and seek out greater challenges. Put on your backpack and let’s go!

Because the world is in the hands of everyone, small deeds matter. We created Tallest Tree so you can help alleviate global warming and climate change while gaming in the subway or on the toilet. And of course, so you can have fun doing it!

The hardest moves are the most rewarding. Capture clutch moves and relive your most epic ascends with the StayPro camera replays. Earn rewards and discover treasures as you master Tallest Tree’s secret techniques.

Face the arcade platform challenges, plant trees to help save the forests, preserve the Earth’s green nature.

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Tallest Tree user reviews :

This game is so fun! I decided to buy both the pro mode and the golden helmet after playing only about 15 minutes. I do not have a tree yet so I don’t know what that’s about but if it plants actual trees its amazing. PLEASE continue adding content to this game forever! More challenging levels, new game modes and new helmets. (The character is also adorable)
  • Playcore Publishing
  • Your comment made my day! Many thanks for everything you have written! We are happy to make games that our players love. Our team is working constantly to improve our game! New levels will appear soon in nearest updates! Stay with us and stay tuned for updates! There are a lot of interesting things coming soon Hugs, Playcore Team
Because of how a lot of games are today, I almost skipped over this game but I’m glad I didn’t. The games easy and ads aren’t thrown into my face 24/7. It’s also amazing to see people working to save our planet even if they have to give away money. The developers even take time out of their days to read everyone’s comments instead of a bot!
  • Playcore Publishing
  • It’s a pleasure for us to read comments like yours! A million thanks for your review! We are working for you Hugs to you, Playcore Team
I really enjoy this app. I love the art style, and the sound design is great. This feels like a classic mobile game, when mobile games were more than just cash grabs. The UI design and the level screen reminds me of other great mobile games, and I feel like if this released in 2012 it could’ve stood out amongst the best.
  • Playcore Publishing
  • A million thanks for your review! We greatly appreciate your kind words! We are happy beyond words that you love our game Hugs to you, Playcore Team
A big applause to the developer…. This game is great… I mean it is in the starting stage of development and not many people know about this right now.. But it’s animation, gameplay, UI , Control, and response time each & everything is just perfect according to me. Many developers of popular game can’t achieve this… This is why this game deserves something big …
  • Playcore Publishing
  • A million thanks for your review! It’s truly a special comment for us! We are happy beyond words that you love our game With love, Playcore Team
Perfect game. It took a couple of hours but I managed to get to floor 34 on free solo and I beat all the stages. I like that the game promotes planting trees, but after completing the whole game, I do feel a bit let down with only 1 tree being processed for planting. The only way that I could see to get 2 trees would be to watch a video to double rewards every time a seed is offered as a reward. 10/10
  • Playcore Publishing
  • Thank you for 5 stars, Brandon! 34th stage in Free Solo is absolutely amazing result! Great job! There is unlimited number of trees you can plant in our game. No need to watch ads to do that. We are adding new levels all the time. Just pass them and soon you’ll plant a small park! Yours Playcore Team

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