Tap Craft – Develop your hero learning a new talents

[Game] Tap Craft – Clicker

Tap Craft  By the consequenses you are now a smith who have to create the most powerfull armor and legendary weapon!

Take a tempered blade to your hand, dress a shiny armor and do not allow the monsters to pass! Became a hero which all the world needs!

More 100 different items available to craft.
Develop your hero learning a new talents.
Overcome a great numbers of monsers with the mighty bosses.
Every click is a key to the victory so do not waste your time!
Try a new clicker Tap Craft. How far you can get? How good are you in smithing and combat? Let’s check!

Tap Craft user reviews :

Awesome game. I just wish you could use multiple fingers to tap, but it is still cool though.

Odd type of idle game but fun.

i very much enjoy crafting games, this one is great!

love it so far only issues with the fighting and smithing at the same time

The fact that i keep dying when i craft my equipment is annoying

Needs more logout progress.

Hi, i really like this game very much. Can i make a request ? Please add runes system for the items for example you can have runes if u disassemble an item plus the thing you need to upgrade. So it will have more features for the items and much cooler. Please thanks hope youll read this post

first off a game that asks to be rated 5 stars isn’t worth it, however your game is unique but there are some areas that need improving for instance the fact that multi tapping is behind a pay wall, the combat and forging should be in a diff screen because you don’t want to die while forging 10 of an item, if u level the skill that adds 1 to forging automatically it should progress offline IE when the game is turned off and finally I thing there should be gear that enhances forging. So till I see som changes this stays at 3 stars.

The game is annoying. There is no offline bonus gold. You must click to get gold and you can’t pause it. During the crafting the monsters kill you in a few seconds. It’s not classical tap game. It’s boring, tedious and hard to play. Not recommended for players who want to play for fun.

The monsters should pause attack while I craft.. I die 3 times before I finish an item.. Also they are ridiculously strong. I die every ~15 sec with items on every slot but I can’t upgrade even if Iclick monsters and forge at the same time.. Lame, because it would bea good game otherwise, but this way it’s just constanr death with some clicking..

It has unique game play. Problems are unlocking items requires resource from either earning achievements (slow) or micro transactions. Worst part is you have to pay $3 to enable MULTI-TOUCH. Pay to multi click. Right.

Once I learned how to tap back and forth between the monsters and the forging, so I could stop dying, I found that I rather like this game. Most games do fighting or forging but this one blended them together quite well and in a more challenging way. Thank you

Dont know about others’ phones, but i cant tap two areas of the screen at once. I like the forge system but the game requires too much active tapping even aside from the multi-area tap set-up. Good concepts bad execution.

Slow and tedious. All ‘mercenaries’, the ones who deal automatic damage for you. They always start at level 1, you have to craft items of their level, fully equip them, then destroy the items to level them up. Then you craft level 2 items, and so on. The game is tedious and annoying and just not fun.

It is a great time waster, well done! You have to spend real money to get multitap, sneaky! It would be great if more the item you build the better the base item is, this would happen in real world and it is called experiance. Otherwise great work guys.

The spelling in this game as well as dialogue are horrid. The only thing that kept me playing for more than 2 minutes was the fantastic visuals and UI.

I love the crafting set up. A bit sad about the enchant loss if you fail, but every game needs a challenge.

Great concept but constant death with a respawn timer takes away the satisfaction needed for a clicker game.. stop killing us!

Can’t even install the game on Galaxy S7. *update* checked it on an s5 and it works… still no luck after about a month on S7. *update~* fixed it on the s7 active and s8. tom long enough

Eh. All language is broken and this game doesn’t have exponential growth like a lot of clickers have. The further you get in this game, the longer it takes to do anything at all

I enjoyed it but later on in the game I felt like it was a grind to get the legendary teir weapons, and found myself having to afk to get enough gold to continue because my dps wasn’t damaging enough to continue

I understand wanting to make money for multi touch but couldn’t u let us unlock it for 100 crystals for the people who don’t want to pay for it

Great game, cool story, cool graphics, easy controls, only thing gets hard from level 10 which is very early in start of the game, keep up the great work

It’s fun if you’ve got an auto clicker on Bluestacks but if your just playing it with just finger tapping, you might as well uninstall because it’ll take forever to get to where you needa be at.

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