Tap Tap Dig 2 – Dig to reach the core

[Game] Tap Tap Dig 2 – Idle Mine Sim

Tap Tap Dig 2  Have you ever wanted to dig to the core of a planet with crazy diggers including a T-Rex, a zombie, and a unicorn?

Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim is an idle game that lets you take control of Prospector Pete Jr. and mine the core of several planets. Collect money, diamonds, warp cubes, and craft items! Spend money to upgrade Pete Jr. and mine the planet cores.

Collect fossils and trigger a Big Bang to super-charge your dig! Spend fossils to hire idle benefactors for big money. Craft items to give yourself a real edge.


Idle Mining Gameplay

Tap to mine!
Tap to destroy obsidian & earn fossils!
Dig to reach the core!

Hire 12 miners to mine for you!
Unlock benefactors to earn special money bonuses
Spend tokens to upgrade entire planets!

Collect items to dig faster
Craft better items for bonuses!
Recruit more crafters and make all the items!

Crack open geodes for special mine rewards
Complete tasks and earn diamonds
Mine for chests and collect bonus items

Tap, Tap, Dig 2: IDLE MINE SIM – you can dig it!

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Tap Tap Dig 2 user reviews :

I really enjoy this game. Even after a couple months, I still play almost every day. It’s not a pay to advance game, which I appreciate as the mother 3 children. The Discord group makes the game even better.

Love the game! Played the first one game and am now closing in on unlocking the third planet on the second one! Love the new progress button and all the new characters

Great game, good way to spend down time, and outstanding community. TTD2 added some awesome features compared to the first TTD.

Really enjoying the game. Been playing for awhile now. Have to say the game is well crafted and the developer is amazing.

No offline progress, you are just stuck at the same lvl the whole time…who has the time in an idler to keep their phone open 24/7??
  • Iron Horse Games LLC
  • There is definitely offline progress in the game. Early on, you continue to earn coins while offline as long as you have hired at least one helper. Later on in the game, you can choose between farm mode and progress mode – the latter will allow you to progress through dirt layers while offline.

I’ve been playing this game for 3 phones now. Solid idler that runs well on older hardware.

Great Game!!! Be warned very addictive. Great way to pass time.

Very fun and addicting. Get this if you need to kill time.

gold and resource so hard to find.

I’ve been playing a long time I like it there is a lot I would do to make it more awesome but still awesome

The best tapping and digging game sequel!!

This game is so addictive and fun.

Really great fun game!

Boring. Real development based on diamonds (available with euros…)
  • Iron Horse Games LLC
  • There are many ways to earn diamonds in the game by playing. There are also substantial, permanent rewards that you can earn by watching ads.

It’s q fun game.

More Tap Tap Dig with dinosaurs, unicorns and pirates! What else can you ask for?

Last Update :

Tap Tap Dig 2 has left beta!
plugin updates to improve stability

reduced cooldown of Taps To Riches and Key Master skills from 2 hours to 1 hour
added more visual feedback to some UI elements
fixed a bug where the fossils tooltip did not fit on the screen on some aspect ratios

Thank you for all of your tapping, digging, and mining!

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Video :

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