Tap Tap Smith – One of the first of your kind

[Game] Tap Tap Smith – Prehistoric Heroes

Tap Tap Smith  Just tap and become the richest Blacksmith of the prehistoric era in this brand new pixel art tapping game!

Craft weapons, armor, spell books, jewelry – sell your products and wears to grow your booming business!

How to play:

You’re a prehistoric blacksmith – one of the first of your kind. TAP TAP TAP to earn more, sell more and succeed in the ultimate idle clicker game!
Make your smithy shop the top attraction to legendary warrior and heroes — your biggest customers!
Set your store up just right and earn money automatically, even while you sleep
Control prices, unlock ancient and long forgotten spells, forge new weapons — simple, yet addictive gameplay!


Non-stop tapping fun, with upgrades, skills, warrior summoning and more!
Adventure through 6 magical worlds with epic scenery and music
Reset and restart for endless grinding, summoning and fun!
Google Play Games Service integration: achievements, leader boards, and cloud saving.
A light-weight, simple game that can play on almost any phone
Can play offline without the Internet

Do you have what it takes to become the richest blacksmith of the prehistoric era? Play now, free!

Tap Tap Smith user reviews :

Easy to play and understand. Having fun, and the characters are funny/cute.

Let me help When you change your phone’s click the game thinks time has passed and gives you money see how that can be a problem Please!!!!!!!!! Fix this

pretty fun not too many ads like others I’ve played. and you feel like it’s a fast paced game but there is always more to do.

Excellent time waster, but I’m unclear on how to reset the world once all upgrades have been bought.

Awesome and Unique which is rare these days. Good job!

the best game in the world i might be late to play but its ok i just want to see everything in the game

Good time waster. Only thing that bothers me is after you’ve logged out the game and it has been idle and you load it up and it does the “watch and get 2x” that every game tends to do. It sort of does but doesn’t do it. EG say I rack up 11m offline, hit the 2x vid, it’ll then add 22k.

An item’s name should list its current level instead of the next one, and all stats should be listed the same way Dino Shipping is, with both Before and After. It would also be useful to see how often the regular customers and the Blacksmith’s Friends arrive on the respective upgrades.

The cost progression is realistic unlike most games. It does slow down a bit, but overall its wonderful

I love this game! I think that you should make the summons just a little bit cheaper tho. Also fix the bug where when you watch a add to get double the amount of money when you log in and you don’t get double the amount of money

I like so much the prehestoric, I believe Tap Tap Smith is fantastic game to keep playing when your free time.

A great game to play..I like it as a tap game and prehistoric setting is really great!

It’s a fun game to play when you have some free time to burn

I love this tap game. Good to kill your time.

Simple and nice prehistoric game

This game is awesome. Love the old school quality and how prehistoric it is

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