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[Game] Tasty World – Kitchen tycoon

Tasty World  Become a cooking master in a new TASTY WORLD free game!

Open your own restaurant and become a king in one of the best fun búrger games on the market! Download and create a cóoking hut for your mama’s and papa’s hobbies!

1. Enjoy madness sizzle. This time management simulator allows kok to start yummy lunch dishes. Become a chef and make a sandwich or go to the express street to make a hamburger fast food. There is also coffee, as well as pie, hot dog, soup, taco, frying french fries, spaghetti, cupcake, pasta, pizza, asian sushi, seafood and other recipes. Don’t forget to keep the bun hot!

2. Open a joy coffee shops network or turn into a masterchef. The choice is up to you! This crazy tycoon combines l multiple stories. If you enjoy waiter in the best traditions of yummi rush. The town awaits you! What makes this street special.

3. Multiple kichengame in one. Choose any story you want in this joy dining dash. Behave like a chief of an lndian cooking hell’s or become a maker in the best bakery in the world. Open your own burger shop to be a true queen. Become happy as Jo’s unicorn, panda or a pup and try not to be meaner!

4. Grab your hat and start a mania! Order up and serving as a waitress, decorate, participate in multiple diner, and of course, enjoy and baking. This is one of the most versatile food for adults!

5. Enjoy your fun story in the academy. Start joint girls and try to become the best rising cocina super in town forever, who cooks 7 days a week! It is a true tchen adventure filled with too many thrilling dinner and organic fantasy recipes. Open the best pizzeria and watch people eating kebab and ice cream truck — your own cafe and start a cake mania. Make icing on cakes, pancakes, candies, ice cream, cupcakes and other desserts.

Unlike other krusty kids scramble, this food making features multiple meal maker modes and tale locations. Embrace your mania of skills, make special potion and fight for the world celeb title in a craze bistro! Hire a girl Koko to start feeding customers faster and earn more money in this truck wars. In more for girls, you will run better city equipment such as easy bake oven or stove. Use it to win in star cooing and become the best cook of the 3d city.

Happy jr include cooking, learning recipes, joy of cooking game, and great côking. Follow your rising super progress using diary and complete madness achievements. In the end, only the best player will be able to win all the girls coking! Thanks to these games, you will learn how to cook off the most delicious breakfast in your life. We can do it together!

If you have always wanted to be a frenzy professional like your mama Emma, play TASTY WORLD — this mobile app for you! Open your own kebab or tako cafeland for girls and boys and serve any types of yummy food you want. Improve your diner on an eat street by purchasing equipment. Thanks to this, you can build a restaurant of your dream!

Tasty World user reviews :

Its really nice game without ads in simple words just love this game . I was finding a nice game from many weeks and now i found it I recommend u to download this game and all the levels are really easy and so many boosters are there and the upgrade prices are really less and the highest is only 600
  • Food games for free
  • Thanks a lot for your feedback! We’re very happy to know that you like what we create.
the games very good but, the problem is it always blocks and shows that ‘unfortunately the game is stopped’ and the second is its not updating!!!!!! please do something I don’t want to delete this game sorry.. to say but I have uninstalled the game because it wasn’t for just blocking but ” when I was playing the burger game it wasn’t going to the clients and I was losing all over” sorry
  • Food games for free
  • Hi! Thank you for your interest in our game. We hope you enjoy playing it. We try our best for you! Tell us more about your discontent: foodgamesforfree[at]gmail.com

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