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[Game] Tastyland – Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle games

Tastyland  Join the magic city, discover merge magic, merge and design home brainly with your mates fairies, enjoy your calm life in this indeed FREE merge game: Tastyland.

Merge eggs to hatch magical fairies, then evolve them to discover more powerful fairies! Do the cooking to get more free rewards! Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels brainly: match the items to win, then collect free rewards. Let’s use merge magic to create a tasty and magic city! Let’s challenge puzzle levels and match!Let’s design home brainly!

The fairies lived a calm life in Tastyland. In 2048, the city was sealed by ice. Fairies lost their calm life, and they will use merge magic to rebuild a whole new city and dream home.

And you, our players, destined to become the SAGE of the magic creatures, helping the fairies to merge brainly, design home brainly, match brainly, escape from the ice-sealed city and build a magic city and dream home!

No war, no killing, no fighting, No monster. Tastyland is just a completely calm merge game!!! You can freely design home! When you enter this merge game, You will find that the city has a disaster in 2048, everything has lost its vitality and soul.
You have to use merge magic to rebuild the calm life brainly. At first, you need to merge magic mates brainly to help you. To do this, you need to merge 3 to hatch the eggs for magic creatures brainly. As for fairies, baby fairies are fragile and can’t do many things, so you should continue to merge fairies until they grow up into more stronger and do more jobs for the calm life. Their strength will enable the city to be reborn in 2048.

With so many cute mates assisting, it’s time to achieve our ultimate target: design home and build a calm life. The merge magic taught by the magic dragon can not only merge fairies, but also merge all objects in the merge game.

Merge and grow plants to produce healing sun orbs. Merge miners to get construction materials. Merge houses to build fairies’ dream home. Merge treasures to get huge wealth in exchange for more fairies. There are too many kinds of elements that can be used with merge magic, such as coins, seeds, flowers, tasty foods, chests, even gems! Each time the item is merged, the item will be upgraded. When the item is merged many times, it will become the most beautiful and gorgeous one. Feel free to use your merge magic, create and collect more than 400 types of elements in this merge game.

Tastyland is a cooking game at the same time! The fairies are made with various kinds of tasty food, and there are some houses where you can do the cooking.

In addition to construction and cooking, we also need to solve some puzzle levels in this merge game. Go to explore the world! Match! Drag n merge fairies and objects brainly! These puzzle levels are very challenging but interesting, hope you like and enjoy the puzzles!

Many many cute fairies, challenging puzzle levels, design home freely, diverse and interesting match, everything in Tastyland!
Welcome to join this city in 2048! Let’s match brainly! Let’s escape and find a calm life and dream home! Let’s start the journey with merge magic! A magic city is waiting for you to design!

Tastyland Features:

Use merge magic to create all things
200+ creatures can be merged, hatched, collected,
300+ super fun puzzle levels can be beat
400+ fantastic objects can be merged
600+ bonus tasks are waiting for you to challenge!
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If you are looking for free games, merge games, puzzle games, cooking games, offline games… please look no further. Tastyland will indeed meet your needs.

Are you ready to enjoy Tastyland?
It’s time to Download one of the best free games and start the most addictive merge magic!
Witness a magical and wonderful 2048 together!

Tastyland user reviews :

Update – level has been fixed. Thanks to the developers for fixing this issue so quickly. I would have given 5 * if we didn’t have to use 4 lives per level. Level 152 error? I have been playing level 152 for hours as there is not a 3rd broken statue to merge with to win the game. Is this an error? If not then I give up and won’t be continuing to play. Before this the game had been pretty good apart from 4 lives being needed for each level.
  • MergeJoy
  • Thanks for your feedback! I’ve forwarded it to our devs and they will definitely consider your opinion. These ways may be useful to you: 1) 1 life will refill every 40 minutes; 2) Get free lives from the bee’s gifts; 3) You may get lives from events, etc. Have a nice day!
Game has a lot going for it. Slow to start, limited lives, increasing life cost per level detract from it a little, but, the chains for merging make sense, the icons used are charming, and game play seems smooth. I like a lot about it, although I’ve only done 12 levels or so thus far. I’ll revisit this review after I have played it a few times. My main wish here is that the game would be more clear when you unlock something exactly where it is, because I find myself missing the red symbol.
  • MergeJoy
  • Thank you so much for taking out your time to send us your valuable feedback! I’ve forwarded it to our devs. We will continue to improve the game. Hope you have more fun with us. Have a lovely day!

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