Tdays – Remember the special moments that matter to you

[App] Tdays – Event countdown

Tdays  Tdays is a clean and simple app that helps you count down and remember the special moments that matter to you.


Count up or down to the memorable moments you’ve been waiting for.
Show the countdown in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
Personalize your event by choosing your favorite fonts and text colors.
Set reminders that trigger before or at the time of your upcoming events.
Pick from hundreds of beautiful backgrounds.
Support flexible layout (list/ card/ full-screen layout).
Backup your data securely to the cloud using Google/ Facebook.
Sync your events across your devices.
Switch between Light and Dark mode.
Share birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and moments with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.
Repeating countdown for recurring events like Christmas, New Year.
And much more is waiting for you to explore!

Use Tdays – Event countdown for:

Weddings and engagements
Christmas and New Years
Other major holidays
Custom events
Sporting events
Past events

Set your date and let Tdays automatically calculate and remember them for you, so that you can celebrate and never miss out on any special moments.

Feel the excitement as the day you have been waiting for draws closer and share it with friends and family so they can join in too.

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more”

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know – we’re always appreciate receiving feedback from you.

Tdays user reviews :

The app is great and awesome. Could you please add new option to Repeat : every (N) Days With weeks months and years Thanks on advance
  • Aurora Softs
  • Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions. We’ll consider it and improve our app in the next version. If you have questions or suggestions please contact us at aurorasofts[at]
Almost perfect. Simple and easy to use, effective way to look forward to events. Everyday I check my special countdown events to keep me inspired. I’m so happy to have found an app that is pretty much just what I’ve wanted for ages. Many thanks to the developers.
  • Aurora Softs
  • Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at aurorasofts[at] if you have any questions.
From aesthetical point of view this is the most stylish app in the given category, but text is too small, there must be an option to change font size, it is nearly invisible.
  • Aurora Softs
  • Dear User, Thank you for your suggestions. We will try and incorporate them upcoming versions.
I LIKE THIS APP!!! Could you PLEASE add feature where I could be able to add my own pictures?!! I would appreciate it. I will change my rating to a 5-star!!!
  • Aurora Softs
  • Thank you for your feedback. We will consider it and improve our app in the new version. If you have questions or suggestions please contact us at aurorasofts[at]
Seemed pretty easy to use but I wanted to count down to a specific time but all I could do was set a date. Uninstalled it to make room for a different app.
  • Aurora Softs
  • Hi, you could set a specific time for your event. Just turn off the ‘All-day’ flag to do that. If you have more questions or suggestions, let us know at aurorasofts[at] Have a wonderful day!
It’s a great app I recommend this to everyone, thousands of background pictures to choose from. But one think the majority needs is that title should be more than 20 CHARACTERS! please do something about it and I’ll give 5 stars.
  • Aurora Softs
  • Dear User, really appreciate your suggestion. We will improve our app in the new version. If you have questions or suggestions please contact us at aurorasofts[at] (Your suggestion is now live in the new version)
Nice app. This is what I’m looking for. Very easy to use. I can customize a lot of things in this app.
  • Aurora Softs
  • Thank you so much for your review!
Great app, beautiful and simple to use, 5 stars
  • Aurora Softs
  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at aurorasofts[at]! Have a wonderful day!
Can you please add this feature to make it either as lockdown or as a widget.
  • Aurora Softs
  • Dear User, Thank you for your suggestions. We will try and incorporate them upcoming versions.
Good app
  • Aurora Softs
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. It means a lot to us

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