TermBot – Works with Yubikey NFC

[App] TermBot – SSH with YubiKey, Nitrokey, OpenPGP card

TermBot  TermBot is an SSH client that supports authentication with YubiKeys, Nitrokeys and other OpenPGP cards over NFC and USB.

For this it uses the Hardware Security SDK available at  hwsecurity.dev

Supported hardware:

Cotech Card
Fidesmo Card
YubiKey NEO
YubiKey 5 NFC

Nitrokey Start, Pro, Storage (with adapter)
YubiKey 4, 4 Nano, 5, 5 Nano (with adapter)
YubiKey 4C, 4C Nano, 5C, 5C Nano (directly over USB-C)
Gnuk (with adapter)
Secalot (with adapter)

TermBot is based on ConnectBot.

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TermBot user reviews :

The app is decent as a PoC, but certain features are not working, for ex: ssh agent forwarding. I would definitely pay for a more premium product.

I have been waiting for an app with these capabilities for years. I was using JuiceSSH up until now, however, development there has been stagnating for quite some time. I was elated when I discovered this application, as it finally allows me to use my YubiKey for SSH authentication on my phone. And while I was prepeared to miss out on some features in return, the app provides every comfort I’m used to from my previous experience. If I were to wish for one addition, it would be agent forwarding.

It’s a good terminal, but unfortunately stopped supporting authentication using OpenKeyChain. This is a huge loss of convenience in my opinion. I loved the idea of having all your keys in one place, as I also use it for the password store app. HINT for people in the same situation: I ended up downloading TermBot from some mirror. Do not use, as it doesn’t support RSA authentication subkeys (SSH) of OpenKeyChain.

So sad abt the fact u removed openkeychain support. actually it makes it quite useless for me now. When I tried to use my stored key (which is pgp exported before as ssh to tb) it dropped down to password prompt without asking passphrase for my pgp key. So I tried to re-import it again. At first I tried to share it from okc but there was no termbot in the options list. Then I tried to store it as a file and import it back but tb had reported ajout wrong format. key icon works with cards only.
  • Can you tell me more about your use case with OpenKeychain that is no longer working? Please also consult our FAQ:  hwsecurity.dev/termbot/#faq

Amazing app, great work! Love how hassle free it works with Yubikey NFC. For a feature request, I would love an ability to group hosts (e.g. build servers, UATs) and copy hosts (some of mine have a quite extensive setup and it would be great, if I could just copy / paste and change the IP address).

looks good, except when i go to “Manage Pubkeys” and click the key icon, plug in my new Yubikey 5NFC get the prompt to allow access “OK” , then the android pop up “TermBot keeps stopping.” program closes. maybe needs an update?
  • Please try the newest version. It contains a lot of fixes when used with YubiKey 5 NFC.

Works amazingly well! There is just no other product on the market, so a nice 5 stars for being awesome! It does lack a few options, for example raw ssh command options. But for what it does, it’s perfect.

No easily configurable Jumphosts, no Openpg keys anymore (file/software version). Smarcards/yubikeys/openpg cards work well.

update: Glad to say that the underlying code to this is now open. I still liked the openkeychain model (since I only needed my stubs one place for mail, git, password-store and SSH) but this is working well on its own and cotech have been developing fast.
  • Update: hwsecurity-openpgp and hwsecurity-ui are now released under the GPLv3 license. Thus, Termbot is 100% GPLv3 software.
After the update the app no longer works with my pgp key in openkeychain, please enable this as an option. I can understand the use case with hardware keys or NFC keys but what if i want to use my pgp key present in openkeychain, if I try to load the pgp key directly to termbot it displays unknown format.
  • TermBot still works with Smartcards and YubiKeys, but now without OpenKeychain. This is explained in the dialog shown after the update. Please re-add your security keys: Go to the ‘Manage Pubkeys’ screen in TermBot. Touch the button for adding a Security Key (rightmost button in the app bar). More information: hwsecurity.dev/termbot#faq

t’s great to SSH with GPG key on yubikey. Unfortunately, that key is not forwarded ssh-agent wise, which still makes it unusuable for host hopping. Hence only 4 stars for now.

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