Tesla Wars 1919 – Lead your nation to victory

[Game] Tesla Wars 1919

Tesla Wars 1919  1919 – “The Great War” continues.

Europe has been trapped in a fierce fight over dominance. Countless inventions and technological advancements lead to Mechs roaming the battlefields. Use of electric energy surged and supercharged units were fighting at the fronts. Mechanical warfare is slowly taking over while soldiers become mere bystanders when massive Mechanized Tanks collect their iron harvest.

This is your chance to make your mark on battle-torn Europe. Enter an accelerated race driving technology to levels the early 20th century has never seen. In Multiplayer matches with up to 32 players you are asked to plan your strategy wisely and lead your nation to victory!

Matches run in real-time on World Maps based on World War 1 scenarios and beyond. Nations are split in smaller provinces with unique properties that influence resource production or terrain types. The goal is to take over the majority of the map. To achieve your target, you have full control over your nation’s economic developments, technological research, military advancements and diplomatic relations with other players. Work together, against each other and never trust your alliance fully – when power is in reach, everyone becomes an enemy. Will you still let your people fight with Scythes or plan ahead and join the revolution?

Build your strategy around fantastical and historical units of the era!

Long Term Strategy in Real Time
Weaponry based on popular Dieselpunk, Teslapunk and Steampunk ideals
Play with up to 32 players per match
A wide variety of traditional World War 1 Units
Maps based on historical events and beyond

Tesla Wars 1919 user reviews :

First and foremost, I’ve been playing the game and generally your strategy games since 2016 i think, from the first versions of Supremacy 1914. I learned that Supremacy 1 would be released, i played it and i have only one complain. You have to bring back that mode where you could actually play Trench Warfare. It was PERFECT. Now for the current state of the game, it has improved a LOT since then. Gameplay, mechanics, Historical accuracy, graphics. I’ll keep supporting you guys! KEEP IT UP!

It’s like a game of chess but better allowing alliances to form and that you can have some amazing weapons which change the way you may face your enemy The difrent locations may be strategic to victory some locations eg Russia take a long time to Travers your forces between provences delaying time before forces can intercept enimys but is usfall for artillery as with the time taken to get to it while in that provences alows plans to attack yet small places are the opposite yet just as good

Its a fine game but half the time people in your game aren’t there and you have to spend way too much gold for building and producing speed up time like a thirty minute repair takes more than 100 gold to speed up

The overall concept of the game is fantastic but it’s made so hard to find and play with your friends it just kills the fun. I have an alliance and coalition that I can’t invite my friends to and I can’t even get on the same map as my friends…frustrating to say the least.

It won’t load I really like your games when they work but if they don’t they suck I try to load it every day but it won’t load fix your game please .
  • Bytro Labs
  • Hello shotsetc, Thank you for reaching out to us. Please send us a support ticket at support[at]supremacy1914.com. Try to include as much information as possible so our support team can assist you. Your Bytro Team

It’s the exact same slow game that they always make. nothing new it’s just a reskin of all their other games.

Really fun game easy to play and very fun,one thing to think about though is the wait for everything,i mean everything so i fo not recommend to inpatient people but for people who are mare patient i highly recommend this game.

So far im liking the game but it lags when you tap on icons. Game time is extreamly slow for development and recruiting. Grab some cold beers its going to be a long very long game also game does not allow me to spend my hard earned American doll hairs

Great strategy game. No bugs, no ads. Easy to learn, nice interface, great graphics.

This is a slow paced game played out over a few days/weeks/(months?) against other competing armies online. Slow tactical battles. It has promise. Really liking this game after 10 days, but wish it didn’t run as slow on the larger maps for mobile.

I just started playing the game it’s really cool I have been waiting for a game like this to come out the only problem that concerns me is that its laggy but that’s it I really like the game and i hope it grows into a great game.

Love the game so far if u guys do update agian is it possible if u can make some type of fighting animation to look more like a war.

Great game of strategy and tactics.

I prefer to play these games on my laptop, but when I go to supremacy 1, it automatically sends me to call of War. Can you please fix this so I can actually play the game

Good game all about strategy and intelligence it’s really cool

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