The Aether – Guide them in their daily lives and help them grow

[Game] The Aether – Life as a God

The Aether  Create a mortal race to worship you and grow your strength.

Guide them in their daily lives and help them grow. The power you collect will grow your mind and body. Dabble in the affairs of other gods or seek to destroy them and steal their power.

The Aether: Life as a God is a 60,000 word interactive fantasy novel by A. Reddwolf, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Create a custom mortal race.
Engage in mortal affairs.
Travel the Aether and steal power from lesser beings.
Dabble in political affairs at The Court of Gods.
Battle other gods in epic one one one conflicts.
Complete unique quests and events with impactful outcomes.

The Aether user reviews :

Firstly, I was 100% immersed and I love the imagery. Very well done. My creativity was lacking prior but this jumpstarted my thinking again and now I am getting a flow of various ideas and I owe it to this game. I’m happy with the payment without a doubt. Secondly, like many others, I REALLY want to see more from this. The point that we end off on is rich and ripe for continuation! It’s almost as if it’s suggesting part two (and hopefully part three, part four, five, and so on).

It was great. One of the better choice games I have played of yours. But I still wait for a part 2. I would definitely get it. Hoping to expand on having the new amount of power and finding out who the being is at the end. Or ruling the court and going through it’s troubles. We experience how we develop as a god and then how we sustain ourselves through it. But we only had small taste of true power. Please work on a part 2. Thank you.

I’ve only played the 3 free chapters, the game is definitely interesting, the writing is nice as well. While I can’t pay for it right now, if you can afford you’ll probably enjoy it(you get 3 free chapters to try it out anyway and you can restore purchases if you don’t play the 4th chapter)

This is unironically the greatest game I have ever played. I’d never given text based games a chance but this has completely changed that. The story line(s) are all amazing and the options are perfect. I’d give it 6 stars if I could, heavily reccomend.

This text game is amazing and one of my favorites now. It is obly second to the magium at this point. I can never find a god simulator like game, b u t this one takes the cake! Please add a part 2 and part 3! Honestly i would love a part 20, and i would buy all of them separately.

Amazing game, love making my own choices as if I were a god. I hate reading but this game made reading fun for me. Was kinda sad when I got to the end but I definitely will be playing again for a different ending.

Good game. Not bad update but id like to have a rich romance factor. Between other gods/godesses. Sexuality orenation choices. Also perhaps the choice to become romantically invloved with your mortal race or your right hand person spawning a divine child in one of those varoius ways i mean. We are a god/goddess we should have no limits. Other than that great story. If this depth is made i will definetly give 5 stars.

This is one of, if not, my favorite game. the story was amazing and the choices you could make were amazing. I really hope that the developers make a sequel.

Like most of these types of games I’ve played, I enjoyed it. Well written and emerssive

Great story line. Interesting choices (could use a little more though). Keeps things interesting throughout. Definitely recommend.

Its a god game the only problem is you need to pay for the full story so its a no for me wish this game was free to be honest

One of the best,if not THE BEST rpg god Sim game. One of the best rpg experiences on mobile

really good game could use a few more final endings and a second game might be interesting

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